Point Pleasant

Season 1 Episode 11

Missing (aka When the Cat's Away)

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Unknown on FOX

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  • We get clues, we find out.

    Okay, previously every episode has taken a tiny step forward, and everything has seemed to be going in one certain direction. Not anymore.

    The episode starts and runs as previous, we take steps towards finding out everything, we learn new things. The episode seems to be similar to others, meaning very good and taken the story forward bit by bit. We see how Christina's powers develop, how Boyd and Holly has their little banter, how Mrs. Kramer seems to be going more and more insane.

    But then, at the end, we get a real change. Several of the characters change drastically. Still within the boundaries of them, but their view upon everything does a huge spin and suddenly Point Pleasant is not as we've thought it to be.

    As the show was cancelled two episodes after this one it is impossible to know really how the series end. But judging from this episode, there is a chance of it getting a proper ending.
  • Oh yeah Now we are getting somewhere!!

    I know that this series I apparently short lived however. Just on the up note. With a lame beginning this is really beginning to be a WOW series. This latest episode showing both the good and the bad in Jesse is awesome. Am dying to find out the twist between Terry's Father and Meg. Would like to slap Judy's father around for being a butthead (they are doing something right if you feel like doing that to a fictional character) Christina ending up with Boyd ?? No good can come of that. All in all I hope they close this series if they do with no loose ends or better still keep it going until all the nasty questions are answered. Don't leave us hanging YET AGAIN
  • Christina's on the look for Jesse, after he has been "kidnapped" in the previous episode. Meg is truly stepping into her own, and realizing just how much she does know and makes hat clear to Judy. Boyd seems to truly be looking out for Christina...Jesse'

    I feel this is one of the most compelling and captivating episodes of this tragically short-lived series. You are left with a sense that there is actually some direction that they intend on going with the series (far from the impression one is left with after the abysmal pilot episode). The tension growing between Jesse & Christina was enjoyable and believable. It was truly fascinating when Christina started to work her mojo when they were in the woods. Another interesting scene was when Jesse & Christina were in the motel. Like I labeled it, this is truly one of the most pivotal episodes thus far, getting Meg highly involved with Terry’s father, and then her getting sent away in the end. Also, with Christina coming to Boyd in the end, I feel we are beginning to see her downfall and the next two episodes I think she might have an even more dark energy about her. I quiet enjoyed this episode, and I feel other Point fans will too.
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