Point Pleasant

Season 1 Episode 12

Mother's Day

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Unknown on FOX

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  • As every door is closed to Christina she finds that the only one left open is Body\\\'s. Meanwhile Logan finaly locates the missing townspeople and a startling revelation from his wife is revealed.

    The episode opened with an errie feeling and a strong feeling of sadness for Christina. Everyone had turned their backs on her, fearing her. In the end the only person she could find refuge in was Boyd. The only man know wouldnt lie to her, wouldnt deceve here, wouldnt run from her and would always be there for her. All her battles to withold from him ended up here.

    Jessie had gotten a seemingly vision from \\\"God\\\" decided that he has to kill Christina. I found this very out of character, as to one mintue he was madly in love with her to the next he is determinded to kill her. For that it made me angry at him for giving up on her.

    Ben thought that Meg was going crazy again and because he is a man of science he didnt beleave in Meg whatsoever. He had her admitted into hospital for her own sanity. But Meg was actualy just physicic. She knew what was about to go down and no-one beleaved her except for her daughter Judy.

    The relationship between Amber and Paula gets better to a mother daughter relationship and it was clear it was wirtten as an effort to wrap up the stroylines.

    The sudden appearence of Christinas mother was not beleavble. She just happened to be sitting on a wall at the hospital where christina was. Right from the moment i saw her i knew that she was out to betray Christina. When Ann was telling christina of what she went through at the cabin i felt realy intrugued, to the moment Boyd busted through the door and forced Ann to admit why she was realy here in Point Pleasant. The way Ann acted way awfull and my heart broke for Christina at the way she was treated by her own mother. The most cruelest words you can say to someone, and at that moment i saw christina break and give in. Christina angrily confronts the Kramaers at their home and locks everyone inside which bats of to the final episode \\\"Let the war commence\\\" which is truly brilliant.
  • This is an essential part and maybe the most powerful episode in this series. And it keeps up the high standard which was set by the previous episode.

    After the last episode things seems to slow down a little. There is a waiting athmosphere as the characters try to deal with their problems and worries, while others prepare themselfs for the task ahead of them. Christina is vulnerable as her heart is broken and tries to find a solid ground to rely on. Boyd uses every opportunity to manipulate her to even darker thoughts. Everything seems to change as Christina's mother shows up to help her...

    This is a very emotional episode and sets things up for the series finale.