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  • Great Show about a girl named Christina who is the daughter of satan. But she has good in her too, and wants to be good. But the evil Boyd moves into town to make sure she follows in daddy's footsteps.

    This was a really good show. It was created by Marti Noxon who worked on Buffy for 7 years so you know it has to be worth the watch, but don't get excited, it's no Buffy. It was kinda lame for the first 5 eps. but then in the last 3 eps. it started to get really interesting, exspecially the last ep. "Swimming with Boyd" when Christina was given the choice of which allie she wanted and Boyd killed the priest. It was a good show, but Buffy was way better, but if it hits dvd, you should rent it.
  • About a cute innocent young teenage girl who discovers something horribole about who she is and tries to fight her own nature.


    I just watched this show for the first time(13eps).

    I loved the show entirly even if the beginning was a little weak but I didn't give up on it since I felt it had potentiel. Anyway it's a great supernatural tv show and I wish there was more of it

    Even a fan fiction I would have been happy with that finished the show with another season or 2.

    Thanks for making an incredible tvshow.

  • Loved it!

    I watched the pilot of the show and the scond episode I didn't really care for it much but i tried it again yesterday and i loved it episode 3 on just makes it great! The shows twists gets bigger and the storylines get darker. Elizabeth Harnois is an amazing actress. Grant Show is spooky and sexy at the same time. The characters are great and although the show is sci-fi but it also has a lot of teen soap elements. The final 5 episodes was when the show got really good although I trust Chrystina goes good in the end but I personally find it stupid for FOX not to give it a proper ending since all they really needed was one more episode! I wish the show wasn't cancelled it was great.
  • Loved the show but was disappointed with the last episode.

    So I was really disappointed by the last episode because Christina killed Jesse and it was kind of like, wait where did that come from. And why on earth did Jesse stab Christina that just seemed like the dumbest thing ever to me. Like great you're the one person that has her trust and you stab her. Yah that's a great idea. I also wish that the show had lasted longer because there were lots of loose ends that weren't tied up and even though I discovered it like two years after it aired I still think that Fox or anyone should bring it back, with the same characters of course. And Jesse should come back too. Because him dying was just dumb.
  • I loved the show.

    Couldnt wait for the next episodes on TV. So i watched them on the internet. This show totally rocks. i seen the whole season in 1 day. And i think this series is far from complete. It all endend so abrubt. Just as i was gettin hooked to the series, they end it without any good or bad outcome. I think they should make a new season, hopefully with more plots and stuff. its a great way to show the people what kind of monsters we are. What we put eachother truough. Thats why they have to make a 2nd season.
  • Point Pleasant isn't what it seems.

    This show could of been a lot better than it was. It had the premise, it had the actors, but it was laking believability. I think one of the main problems was the complete lack of chemistry between Christina and her 'soul mate'. There love was forced and it lacked connection. Grant Snow was the strongest part of the show and the way he played evil was creepy in the best way possible. Something in the show that should have been developed further was the young Hispanic priest who was really hot and they should have explored his relationship with Cassie more. The supernatural drama was pretty good, but in the end this show could have been a lot better and I wish it had had a second season to develop and grow.
  • An ironic town welcomes a devil daughter.

    I'm not a fan of sci fi or anything, but I do like horrors and supernatural movies and shows, and Point Pleasant is a very intriguing show.

    The dark side of the show is excellent, and as Christina becomes more evil, culminating at the end, which could be due to being inevitable but also could be caused by nobody believing that she could be good, the show continues to get better and more entertaining, with great twists to the prophecy.

    I don't like the soapie aspect at the start of the show, and at times the characters seemed too many, but the central plot of the show, and the hypothetical of Christina destroying Point Pleasant and the world, is a very entertaining idea, and I'm glad the show didn't fear to end in an unconventional way, with evil winning out, because it makes the show that much more original.
  • This show has tons of potential I really hope someone picks it up and runs with it though I know it's been a while since it was on the air.

    I love the sisterly relationship developing between the characters Judy and Christina and I liked the direction the writers were going with the whole people are their own worst enemies, yes it had it's campy soap operaesque under tone, but give it a chance to grow - this is a complex story line with complex character development issues that the writers were tackling beautifully.

    I think people got freaked because they heard the devil thing and didn't look at the message which happens to be fight it (evil) and what I have taken away from Season 1 is no matter what we all do have choices. They may not be easy, that may not be fair, but there is always a choice - boo FOX for giving up on this gem so early, now get some guts, go find your actors, round up the writers and give it another shot - before someone else with some vision gets there first!
  • You can't end such an amazing show like that! I have season 1 on DVD and I get so mad every time I see the ending, because I know were never going to figure out how it all turns out.

    I like how there was finally a series were evil won in the end, but I still think there should have been at least one more season. I mean you don't know if Jesse comes back to life (which he so should!), which is possible considering he came back to life once before from a neck wound. Not to mention that you don't know if Terry becomes the next Boyd. And of course what we all want to know, if Christina can be saved by the Kramer's.
    I know its not going to come back on air, because Elizabeth Harnois (Christina) moved on to bigger things (which is great for her, she's an amazing actress), but it still would be nice to have one more season to show how it all turns out, and clear things up for all the fans.
  • Please bring this show back. I don't understand why it was cancelled other than rumor has it that Fox didn't want to support it any longer. If you can't bring it back on regular tv, then please make a 'movie' out of it because it has a great story line!

    My review of this show rates, "EXCELLENCE" so far from what I saw when it first aired. I'm not sure why it was cancelled. All of a sudden it wasn't on any more and no one, no viewer was ever informed of 'why'. I loved this show. I truly wish you will bring it back! I know it will be a success and bring lots of ratings to whomever supports it! :-) It's not often you get great 'new' tv series. This is one of them. Please bring it back. I miss it, and so does my husband. Our friends miss it as well. I just wanted you to know that even though a few years have passed by, we are still thinking of you all and still hoping that you can restart this tv series.
    Thank you very much, Sincerely, Point Pleasant Fan
    Geri Maurer
  • I miss Point Pleasant... there needs to be a second season!

    I loved this show and I was really upset to learn they were only going to do just the one season! I love Elisabeth Harnois and think she's a brilliant actress. The rest of the case were great and the whole series was really well scripted.

    I love sci-fi, supernatural stuff and keeping with the whole supernatural theme it is a completely different idea than anything we've seen on TV yet. The daughter of the devil and a woman and about a teenage girl trying to fight the evil inside her, trying not to loose herself to her inner darkness. Elisabeth does this extremely well and I loved the ending of the series how she finally lets go and embrasses the darkness.

    I would have loved to have seen what happens next
  • A dark twist to a teen drama...

    Judging by the rough outline of the premise and the previews, you'd think this is another "The OC": a mysterious teenager comes to a privileged town and shakes things up there, in the process falling for the rich popular kid. Only with "Point Pleasant", the main character is a girl named Christina and the show has a darker twist: Christina is the daughter of Satan, but she does not know this.

    Elisabeth Harnois, who is the title role of Christina Nickson is way too innocent looking to be believable as Satan's spawn - she looks more like an angel who fell from heaven with that face. Paula, the girlfriend of the boy who rescued Christina looked and acted more Satanic-like.

    The series mostly centers on Christina's whole effect on the town - hidden desires as well as the darkness of some citizens are unleashed. Fans of light teen drama like One Tree Hill or The OC would probably find this too edgy and dank. It's Satanic, good vs evil themes would have been better suited for a sci-fi series (not a soap opera-esque teen drama) which is probably why this show didn't bring in a lot of viewers.
  • The series is about a youg girl who actually is the daughter of the devil but who need help to go on the roght way, not on the wrong way. I understood from this movie, that the really important thing is the love.

    I really liked the series. I'm from Romania, and 1 month ago, I saw that on TV. I really liked, the whole story about the young girl who is the daughter of the devil, who really needs help to became good not evil. Honestly, I really prefered if the series continue with another season. I can say that I was really angri when I found that doesn't exist another season.Anyway, the whole story was great, but the final of that, I don't even talk about it...it was wrong...I know that is a drama...but even If is a drama...shouldn't ending like that...Even i wrote this...I like the series very much...I want to continue...It will be interesting
  • Point Pleasant Ep. 13- Let the War Commence I could not believe the ending, I am not going to spoil it for those who did not watch it yet, but I am so frustrated!

    I loved the series until I watched the finally.....so I like very much to get a message to the author, Why did it have to end that way?? I think you ruined it when it was so simple to write a different and more logical ending!!!
    The crew was excellent, the song, the village, everything was so perfect...I really liked it a lot until I saw that last episode, it was unexpected and unreal so to speak,in an illogical way. It is difficult to write a review without spoiling it for those who did not see it, so that is all I have to say!
  • this show is complete BS. i have lived here my whole life and that is nothing what my town is like. for all of you who liked it, come here and see for your self. im so glad its gone and i really hope it never comes back

    this show sucked. i really have never seen anything so stupid and dumb in my whole life. To take a town such as the one i live in, and put it into a show that has nothing to do with the town is completely stupid. It doesn't even look like point pleasant. the only people that act like that here on the good ol jersey shore are the bennys that come here and ruin our town. the show is such BS and should never be aired again. or if they are going to bring it back, at least actually film it in point pleasant.. not california. west coast and east coast totally different worlds.
  • about a girl who comes to a queit town and lives a small family and then y discover that she is the daughter of the devil and was sent there to know her evil powers.the church know it and try to kill her using some one who loves her but it return on them.

    it is a good story and a good idea .
    i maen who could have thought of such a thing .
    but i was surprised that it is only 13 episodes . i thought there were other ones cause i think that the ending wasn't enough .
    and i think that some details were too small and others we were bored with it .
    i think it could have been more better with more episodes and more of it.
    so i think that producers should make another part of it. i thought that she could have gone to good speacially that she fought the devil in side of her for so long . but at the end she gave up and became a devil.
  • Way underappreciated!

    I can't believe this show was cancelled so early on in the first season. The Pilot Episode and the next couple had a high viewing, but then I guess it just fizzled out. I can kind of see why, but seriously, you just need to give this show a chance. Have a little patience.
    The story: A girl named Christina washes ashore to a sleepy town. She's an Enigma and then we learn that she's the daughter of the devil.
    Upon hearing the plot you may think 'It's been done', but I must say it's not as bad as you'd think. I can certainly say that shows, movies etc, like this have been done a lot worse.
    The storyline to start with is a little slow and rocky, but once it gets going, things become clearer and the characters start to unfold. By the Season Finale, it leaves you totally begging to see more. I really think that if this show had a chance to progress, we could have seen some great things. Being cut off before a complete season could be made, makes this show highly underappreciated in my opinion. It's definitely worth watching.

    Hi I live in Cyprus and Point Pleasent has just been aired here. I thought it was one of the best programmes I've seem on TV in a long time, its was different and kept you one the end of your seat. If there is not another season I will be so disappointed.
  • This show was a cross between the OC, the Omen and Buffy...

    This show contained qualities from shows like Buffy, The OC and the movie the Omen... The main story is that Christine (the girls who washes up on the beach) is in fact the daughter of the devil and bares the 666 mark... Slightly unoriginal grant you that but honestly the series wasn't bad. The show got of to a rocky start. The first episode was one of the worse in the series so that didn't help to hook the fans. This show only lasted 13 episodes but i feel that it should have done more. I sadly didn't gain a big enough audience and never was renewed for season 2. Luckily the writers finsihed the show on a cliff hanger so fans got closure. If you like drama and horror than this ones for you, i rarely like teen drama shows but this one is good.
  • Christina Nickson washes up on the shores of Point Pleasant, New Jersey after a storm. Taken in by a local family, Christina begins to discover secrets about her life that she never knew, including distrubing details of her supernatural father.

    What can I say? This was one of my favourite series ever. It had the right mix of supernatural horror and teenage life. Okay, so there were some "O.C" aspects of the show, but apart from that it was very original. The series kept me gripped, and I was so upset when it got cancelled.
    (you should have seen me when I found out it was out on DVD *rolls eyes* lol)
    The last few episodes that weren't aired in TV were amazing, and the series ended on such a cliffhanger, but it seemed the right path for Christina to take. Boyd was a brilliant villain, and you got to find out his story throughout the series, which I found clever.
    I wish that FOX hadn't cancelled Point Pleasant before it really had time to take off, but I hear that they're doing that with so many other new shows now.
    Anyhoo, Point Pleasant was loved by all those who knew it existed (and by the sounds of it that wasn't many people :P)
    and it really should be brought back.
  • a decent show that wasnt given a chance

    i remeber seeing the trailer for point pleasant on e4 in the uk and thought the show looked great. i gave it a try and enjoyed it, yet i found out through the internet that the show was going to be cancelled and was dissapointed. i think e4 ahowed around 8 episodes then after that the only way to see the remaining episodes of the series was to wait for the dvd. luckily though e4 showed the remaining episodes at a later date. the show is about a young girl called christina who is saved from drowing in the ocean by local life guard jesse. christina is washed up in point peasant a small beach town where her long lost mother was a resident. christina posses evil powers which she tries to control, but her apperance along with the appearce of one of her fathers assosiates brings strange happens to the small town.
  • Lets ALL hope that someone at Fox was fired when this show was pulled.

    I don't know what Fox's problem is. It's like the whole station has ADD when it comes to programing. They lose attention so fast they never let a show catch pace. Like Point Pleasent. You can't expect a show of that nature to fully develop in 2 or 3 episodes. (Which is when they made their first decision to yank it) Shows take time, people need time to tell others about the show. You can't just expect a show to pull 10,000,000 viewers on the pilot. Every shows takes time. With that said, Point Pleasent started as a completely different show then when it ended, mixing most kinds of teenage soup with a little suspense. But after the first 3 or 4 episodes, the shows takes off into an almost "lost" like feeling where you are never certain on what will happen in the next episode. For those curious I recommend picking up the DVD set, the unaired episodes on the DVD's are by far the best in the series.

    Absolutely awesome and cut before it even got going! FOX you have let us all down......again! Do your self a favour and watch the whole of the released episodes and see if I’m right. The story dose take time to get going but once it gets into its swing you will be crying out for more
  • A highly addictive - yet deeply flawed - supernatural soap. This show should have gotten a second chance.

    Back in the 2004-2005 season, TV was not as good as it should have been. Oh, I will always appreciate that season for bringing me "Lost" and "Desperate Housewives", which quickly became top favorites (and both still are, in their third seasons). It also brought the short-lived but incredible "life as we know it", which ABC sadly canceled without giving it a full season order.

    That season, though, was also a disappointment, because I had been eagerly awaiting the return of "Tru Calling", which FOX had renewed despite low ratings - I was praising FOX, and I heard nothing but great things about the upcoming season. So imagine my shock and dismay when I read that FOX pulled the plug on this great show after producing only six episodes for its second season, and that some show called "Point Pleasant" had been ordered in its place. I was not very happy.

    However, after reading more about this new show, my interest was piqued and I decided to give this show a chance, after all, I am a huge sci-fi/fantasy fan and TV was lacking in this area, and it wasn't this show's fault FOX canceled "Tru Calling". And then, I became increasingly more excited until soon all I could think about TV-wise was the premiere of this show. All of the previews looked amazing and I was sure it was going to please.

    I wasn't able to watch the pilot on television because my parents thought it wouldn't be any good, but I did get a friend to tape it - in fact she had to tape the first three episodes, but then her VCR ate a tape and she couldn't record it anymore for me.

    But I watched those three episodes over and over. My love for this show rivaled my love for "Lost".

    This may sound ridiculous, especially to haters of this show, but despite the fact that I *knew* this show was deeply, deeply flawed, something about it pulled me in and refused to let go. The show lacked a real mythology. Things were hinted at and mentioned, but it felt like the writers were holding back. I think this was mostly due to pressure from FOX, who wanted this show to be as compatible with "The O.C." as possible. The show also could have been better had it not gone with its "our only villains will be human" plan. This show could have done with more supernatural influences. This was obviously what the audience that tuned in for the pilot wished for, because the previews were cut to make it look like this was a supernatural-heavy show, when in fact it was not nearly as much so as one might think.

    At first I thought that Elisabeth Harnois was not a good actress but then I realized that she is, in fact, a terrific actress and what came across as bad acting was just the character - the character's shyness and awkwardness. There was a lot of subtleness in Christina and I think Elisabeth mostly managed to get it perfectly each time.

    "Point Pleasant" also could have benefited from a slightly larger cast, and we also needed to see more often how Christina effected the townspeople. We knew she did because it was often said, but mostly we just saw her effect a few onscreen. And while her effecting relationships was fine, the show could have been much more interesting had Christina trigged other darker impulses, like perhaps jealous spouses getting pyshical and/or emotional revenge on their loved ones. When you think about the child of Satan effecting people, you think stuff like paranoia, murder, suicide, fighting, etc. Not just infedility.

    However, each week this show managed to excite me in ways other shows simply could not. Nearly every episode had something that made me want to die because I could not see the next episode then and there. Despite all the time thinking about how this show could be better, I was fully addicted like a housewife on an afternoon soap. With the show's failing ratings, which dipped down into the three millions, I knew in my heart that cancelation was near. But then - as the quality of each episode steadily improved, and became more and more the horror series that FOX advertised - the ratings began to creep back up. But then, after the incredible eighth episode, which had me on the edge of my seat during the entire hour, FOX pulled the plug on the series. Why? This was absolutely unnecessary. Could they not have aired those final five episodes? It was only five weeks, and they filled that timeslot up afterwards with crap that did no better than it managed. Had FOX kept the show on those final five weeks, I think ratings would have gone back up into the four millions, which isn't much but it could've gotten the show a second season.

    Instead, the writers were left with two episodes to wrap up the storyline, because the show was canceled while those were in the process of being written. The writers crammed an amazing amount of action and information in those last two episodes (FOX allowed them to be produced for overseas markets and the DVD release). When I saw those episodes for the first time after I had rushed out to buy the DVD, I was incredibly excited because they are good, but after watching them again I've realized that perhaps it was a mistake to cram so much in. Many storylines were left forgotten in order to bring as much closure to the storyline as possible, meaning that in fact many things did not have closure.

    To this day, "Point Pleasant" remains a favorite show of mine. I watch the DVDs probably twice a year at least, and every time I watch the show I can appreciate it more. It was not the lame being that it is so often accused of being. The show was surprisingly sophisticated, and managed to put a lot of symbolism and subtleness into it, which unfortunately went over most people's heads. But it's there, and gets easier to pick up on with each viewing.

    Unfortunately, this show is likely to fade into television history without anyone but it's core fans remembering it - joining to ranks of all the great one-season wonders that FOX has had in its history. I would highly recommend getting this show on DVD. It's completely worth it.
  • I really liked this show, I always couln't wait for the next episode!!

    I never even knew the show was canceled until next year! It never came on, so I figured that it was canceled. I was disappointed and mad. I really hate when they do this, you first watch it, then get attached to it, then all of a sudden you hear that it is canceled!! It's really annoying!! This show was really great, I just hoped that it could of continued!!
  • Loving it until it end

    When the show came out i was excited to watch it i admit that some of the episodes were boring but it was the begining of the show after i watched it more i got into it the gurl wanted to know where she came from and to find her mother thats where they stop showing the show is where she was about to find out about her mother.. then they cut the show off. i was upset that they did that it was now getting to the good parts. Hopefully they can put it back on.
  • I loved this show........nothing more to say except bring it back............

    I loved this show.....nothing is better then the fights between good and evil....The show was unappreciated and way ahead of it\'s time. some of the characters were somewhat self centered but isn\'t that the real world..shows the real choiced and morals in the world today and how many people are sucked into the evil part of the world for selfish reasons, but it also shows the good in the world and the struggle between them both and even the good can turn bad and back agian...........thankd for listening....nothing more to say except bring it back............
  • This is my first review so please be gentle with me as I talk about my feeling of ‘Why did Point Pleasant get the Axe’ rather then give a description of the show, which you can already read on this amazing site. LOL

    I really enjoyed Point Pleasant. My opinion is, there has not been a good versus evil TV show in the same vein since American Gothic. In addition, like my favorite show of the time Point Pleasant sadly went the same way as AG, down the gurgler.

    All we fans can do is sit and watch helplessly waving bye as it fades of in the sunset. I can only imagine some suit sitting behind his/her desk made the decision to pull the plug, a thousand curses on you whoever you are.

    I am not sure why PP was axed it had everything going for it, the good versus bad thing, the beautiful and the even more beautiful, how can you go wrong with that combo. I thought the actors did a good job and have no complaints with any of their performances.

    The shows finales written, with the possibility, that if they wanted to bring the series back they could so there is some small consolation. If a miracle did happen and the powers that-be do become enlightened and change their mind I will be waiting eagerly.

    Although from experience, I will not be holding my breath as I can only hold it for around 20 seconds anyway. LOL And the maddening thing is the actors can not hang around waiting to be reinstated many of them have moved on such as Richard Burgi who we now see in Desperate Housewife’s.

    There have been few shows over the years that have more lives then a cat and the ones that come to mind are two of my favorite science fiction shows ‘Star Trek and Doctor Who’. They are the masters of survival. But American science fiction/fantasy/horror shows are not doing so well and we have seen a number of them gone such as Firefly (big fan) and Carnaval’e (big fan)

    Maybe it is me and I am a jinx for these shows look what happened to American Gothic and Alien Nation. Am I the link that brings down the destruction of these shows, if I was paranoid I would be asking am I a show killer verses a thread killer. I sit here and Sadly, contemplate the possibility.

    My advice is give it a go and decide for yourselves. Some will love it and some will hate it, but thats life.
  • A young girl washes up on a beach in Point Pleasant, NJ and then it all goes to hell...

    I just finished watching Point Pleasant. It was excellent.
    I know you hear all of those complainers who whinge about their shows being cancelled, but in the case of Point Pleasant I'd have to whinging right along side. I still cannot fathom why this show was cancelled. It is in a very select list of shows that i really got excited about. I'm pretty sure they didn't give it enough chance, it was cancelled before any of the good episodes - before any episodes where Christina throws someone out of room just by thinking it. I would love to know what transpired after the final episode. Does she destroy the world or does her human love prevail? I think I'll just stay content in the fact that a great show like this was even created. Thanks to the creators for 13 hours of unique, entertaining television.
  • a good show but...

    the first couple of episodes of this show were great. but as it went on, i got a little lost. i think the writers were working a little too hard. trying to cram too much stuff in at once. all in all it was a good show, that should have been given a better chance.
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