Point Pleasant

Season 1 Episode 6

Secrets and Lies

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Feb 17, 2005 on FOX

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  • Christina is able to locate her mothers Doctor. Terry’s is decides to work for Lucas. Jesse and Judy decide to follow Christina for the day to see what she is hiding. Jesse finds out about his own birth. Ben and Meg are still fighting.

    Christina has a dream that rocks the house. Wow! Meg & Ben are still fighting because Ben feels like Meg is replacing the prescription drugs with alcohol. Meg gets even madder at Ben for no calling from the Hospital when Amber fell down the stairs and hurt her wrist. Would you call your wife if you were fighting and had to go somewhere else to help someone? Okay, maybe, but I wouldn’t. Christina knows someone was snooping around her room because she finds one of the photo’s from her mother box. I don’t even know why they showed this because she didn’t seem to even care about the snooping. She just checked the box to make sure there was nothing missing. Terry’s father starts to talk; I bet this is a set up to start getting Terry to work for Lucas. Did you see how many vicodin he was taking? Why wouldn’t they get him a drug that was stronger? His liver is going give out on him. What is the deal with Sarah Parker? Did she really go to the Captain and say “My husband punched someone and I don’t know who it is.” Wow again! Who knows where the Captain could take that…He could say “Who did you Punch” and “Why don’t you take a break until you feel like letting us know.” She really could have got Logan fired. (Nice wife) Jesse approaches Logan and Sarah about what he found out at the hospital. What a bad way to find that out. Dr. Kendrick knows how evil Christina can be. Something weird is going on here. Dr. Kendrick was on the phone looking for a plane flight. Where was she going? Christina backed Dr. Kendrick, what looked to be about 100 feet, to the window. Judy saw the Doctor fall out the window and has to ask Christina is she pushed her. Judy finally realized that bad things happen to people when Christina’s around. Thank you! And the best part of the episode: Judy gives Christina the boot! This is the first episode that I’ve seen that makes me want to see the next one.

  • A pretty great episode.

    This was a really good episode. Christina's dreams and visions worsen, making her more desperate to find her mother. Father Thomas tells her about a doctor who delivered her, and tells Christina she is still working in Point Pleasant at the local hospital. Meanwhile, Judy and Jessie in order to find out more about Christina and what she's really up to. Christina confronts the doctor, who gets very nervous when she realizes who Christina is. Eventually Christina manages to get a few clues. Few being the key word. The woman begs Christina to leave her mother alone to keep her out of harm's way, before allowing herself to fall out of the window to her death. Judy kicks Christina out of the house.

    This episode was pretty intriguing and intense in some parts. Some of the weaker actors have improved. We learn a secret about Jessie. Christina is without a home. Really good.
  • Dr. Kendrick: "We both know what you are. You'll only bring pain." The tagline for this episode should be, "Mediocrity at its best." [In other words, it's only "above average" in relation to the other episodes of the series.]

    The more I do these reviews, the more I learn about television writing. In this week's lesson, I learned that it's far easier to write about a show that's either first-rate or one that's truly horrible than it is to write about one that's lost somewhere in the middle. This episode might well have been the best one yet of Point Pleasant, but that merely raised it to the level of mediocre television.

    The best part of the episode was the A plot, which told the rather interesting story of Christina's attempts to find the doctor who delivered her. This story arc is the most compelling part of the series, in my humble opinion. It was handled well, over all, in the episode and actually kept me interested. Unfortunately, it was interspersed with more soap operaish nonsense about the marital strife of the key Point Pleasant couples. While the story of Ben's absence on the day Isabelle died was an interesting twist—and I'm eager to know what exactly was on that videotape that he burned—I'm still completely bored by the drama within both the Kramers' and the Parkers' marriages. Why didn't Ben call Meg? Why is Logan so obsessed by the fact that Sarah had sex before she met him? I just don't care. I'm no more interested in Amber's pursuit of Ben, although that story at least gives us the quality acting of Dina Meyer. It's really too bad that her character isn't more layered and interesting, because Meyer is acquitting herself quite well.

    As Christina follows leads given to her by Fr. Tomas, Judy's suspicions push her to recruit Jesse into doing some tag-team spying on Christina. I did think it was kind of funny when the priest tells Christina that she was born in a "halfway house." I don't think I've ever heard a home for unwed mothers referred to in quite that way. Aren't "halfway houses" usually for drug addicts or recently paroled cons? He sends her after the doctor who treated all of the girls in the house. This is where the series acquired a kind of multiple personality disorder. Elisabeth Harnois was extremely impressive and menacing during many of the hospital scenes. Christina has never maintained her "evil" persona for very long in previous episodes; her desire to find out about her mother provides the emotional impetus for her to maintain that heightened state for quite a while. On the other hand, many of the scenarios seemed poorly thought out. To make matters worse, Sam Page seemed to function as some sort of acting black hole, sucking up the talent of Aubrey Dollar and spewing darkness. Dollar just didn't impress me as she has in the other episodes—until the end of the episode, when she has a lengthy scene with Harnois.

    As for the story telling during the hospital scenes, the human interactions were quite good. I liked the scenes with Harnois and Isabella Hoffman, who played Dr. Kendrick. The revelation that this doctor was the one who gave Christina to the "bad men" was unexpected. I also thought that the doctor's death scene was very well done. I was left wondering whether she fell completely on her own power. Christina isn't shown actually pushing her, but after Dr. Kendrick falls, Christina's hand is shown out-stretched. Was she reaching to catch the doctor, or to help her along? As for the information the doctor gave Christina, I did wonder a bit how the transaction went down, since she tells Christina that she didn't know the men's names. I also found the thought processes behind the scenes of Christina searching the hospital to be wanting. Now, I know this is a genre piece, and viewers need to suspend their disbelief to a certain extent. However, from my view, that suspension of disbelief should only extend to "supernatural" events, not things like how a hospital functions. My mom works in the records department of a small town hospital. They do not stick her in some small, dark office in a basement. Medical records are vital in hospitals, and they are kept in well-lit, well-staffed rooms where people are a bit too busy to sit at a computer (that isn't even on) and read the paper. I know the writers used the basement for the "creep factor"—all dark corridors and long shadows—but it ended up feeling far too contrived. I also thought it was ridiculous that Jesse just happened to come across his birth certificate in the hospital file room. Doesn't New Jersey have some government agency that's responsible for keeping vital records like that? Arizona sure does, and I'd be willing to bet that every other state in the union does, as well. Once again, the word here is "contrived."

    By the end of the show, I was more interested than ever in Christina's mother. Creating the desire to know more is a major success for the writer. I also liked the ending, with Judy telling Christina to leave her family alone. Both actresses portrayed their characters' strong emotions—Judy's fear and resolve, Christina's hurt and loneliness—very convincingly. I did wonder about Judy's statement that Christina means more to the Kramer family than she will ever know—and similar statements were made by various characters throughout the episode. I just find this enormous bond forged in a matter of a couple of weeks to be unbelievable. That one statement didn't override all that was good about the scene, fortunately. I just hope for more scenes between the two young actresses in upcoming episodes, because their interactions have been this show's saving grace.

    And here we arrive at the subject of upcoming episodes. The inability to even beat WWE Smackdown! in the ratings has apparently moved FOX to pull the show for the rest of February sweeps. I guess they might be a bit concerned about the potential for UPN to have higher ad rates for this hour. Silly, isn't it? Anyway, in two weeks it seems they'll try to "re-launch" by showing the pilot, then a new episode. I know they want to re-introduce the series, so to speak, but the pilot was the absolute worst episode to date—and it's lack of quality can be directly linked to the immediate and rapid hemorrhaging of viewers the show has experience, in my opinion. Simply re-airing it isn't going to win any new viewers in, as far as I can see. Hopefully, the extra time off will give the writers the time needed to work the problems out. However, this isn't a very hopeful sign for the series considering the history of shows that networks attempt to re-launch. NBC tried it a couple of times with Freaks and Geeks. That show, which is the best dozen or so episodes of television ever made, never even aired all of its original 13 episodes. I can't imagine Point Pleasant's fate being much different.