Point Pleasant

Season 1 Episode 8

Swimming With Boyd

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Mar 17, 2005 on FOX

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  • Christina sets up Lucas with Judy's help. Jesse has a flash back of his past. Meg hallucinations continue to get worse. Christina is forced to make a choice that may cost the life of a friend.

    I think this episode is “pivotal” because it shows us that Lucas has weaknesses. Christina & Judy find a way to lure Lucas to the Kramer’s. They drug him in hopes of finding out some answers. The tough part is to know if the drugs are working or not. What should be believed? I think the only thing they really found out is that he is going to be a tough adversary. He forced Christina to choose Judy’s life over Father Tomas. I think it’s kind of week that Lucas and his “Boss” can reach inside the church. I mean are we not safe from the Devil when we are in the church? Lucas is offing Fathers like they are flies. It just seems too easy.

    Jesse goes to visit the junkyard man, who tells him that the boy (Himself) died. Jesse finds out that he was dead for 7 hours. Okay, that would leave him close to brain dead. I think that is the point though. If he survived that it must be some sort of divine intervention. This will give Christina some help in the future against the evil. So we have to figure that God knew Christina was going to need help fighting her dad and Lucas. Hmmm.

    Terry & Paula are getting closer. That’s great, but I can’t believe that Terry would want to have anything to do with Paula. She seems very shallow. I was surprised to hear that Jesse was with her for 2 years? She broke up with him like it was nothing.

    Meg is really starting to go nuts. She cuts her hand and just stands there like nothing is wrong. Good thing that Ben’s a doctor. He sure comes in handy. Meg says she can feel something in her head. That’s never a good sign. Didn’t this happen to “Christine Denton“ in “Melrose Place”. That was Susan Walters’s (Meg) Character in “Melrose Place”.

    This episode was worth watching. I enjoyed it.

  • Swimming with Boyd

    Grant Show owned Point Pleasant, he is what held the show together and should have been the star not the co-star of it. This episode was my favorite because he was so powerful in it, I loved his character and his acting and when that show aired I couldn't wait until the following week to see what would happen. I was really upset when the show didn't come back on the air, I felt Fox was callous to its viewers in not letting us know what was going on and not giving the show a fair chance.
    The only problem I had with this episode is that they killed off young Father Tumoss, as I felt he was an important character in this show and I didn't think it was a smart move to make on the writers part to take him out of the show.
    If Point Pleasant had been kept on the air I would have watched every episode without fail and in saying that I do believe Fox failed its Point Pleasant viewers.
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