Point Pleasant

Season 1 Episode 0

Unaired Pilot

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Unknown on FOX

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  • A strange girl is found floating on the shore of Point Pleasant during a mysterious storm. Strange things happen when she gets angry. Who could this mystery girl be?

    I was not sure what to expect with this show. I had the DVD set sitting on my desk for about month. After watching the pilot I wasn’t surprised to hear that this series only lasted one season. How many stories can you get out of a plot that revolves around the daughter of Satin? I thought this episode was average for a pilot of a new series, but there wasn’t really anything that kept me in suspense enough to want to watch the next episode. There just wasn’t enough going on. Some of the things had me wondering why no one in Point Pleasant was asking questions. So Christina falls off a ship? Nobody reports her missing? She’s just going to stay at someone’s house in a town that she’s not familiar with? No one wonders about all this? I mean I know they mention that her dad has approved of her staying there, but he doesn’t come to visit? I’m going to have to watch more episodes to give this one a try. I gave this an extra point for having a few familiar faces, but took a point away for not giving us enough to care about.