Point Pleasant

Season 1 Episode 9

Waking the Dead

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Unknown on FOX

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  • This episode includes Father Tomas's funeral, Amber discovers the Ben’s cassette tape. Terry and Paula get closer. Jesse finds out that he has special powers when he is around Christina. Nick is introduced to the show and Holly is back from the past.

    Does Judy seem like she’s having a nervous break down before Father Tomas’s funeral? We get a little history of Father Tomas at his funeral. Which I feel is a little late since he’s dead. Of course they could bring him back from the dead. It’s been known to happen…in fact it does in this episode. I think Christina abused her powers in the Church by making Father Mathews say all the negative things about God.

    I know there is a lot of mention about Terry and Paula getting closer, but at this point I don’t see why that would matter. I don’t see anything that Paula has to offer and Terry is willing to a little more for Lucas then just run errands. Lucas sends Terry to the Father Tomas party in the woods to watch Christina. Okay, it’s not a “Father Tomas” party, but isn’t it bad timing? Would any parent let their children go to a party on the day of a funeral for the Father of their Church? Christina is still angry and gives some sort of order to wake Father David from the dead. It’s tough to be critic on this one because I’m not religious, but didn’t Father David do enough good while serving under God to at least protect him in death? Point Pleasant gives Satin way too much power here. Jesse comes to the rescue and learns that he has some miraculous powers.

    Judy meets a possible new love interest, Nick. This works because Point Pleasant is a seasonal tourist location. It’s a short hello, Good bye. It’s enough make Isabelle’s ex-boyfriend a little jealous. I wonder where that’s going go.

    The issue with Ben and Amber over the mysterious tape is resolved, but we still don’t know what’s on it, or do we?

    Lucas Boyd finds Holly and brings her back to Point Pleasant. Why? There has to be a reason or was it just to show us that Lucas did wish Holly back from the dead?

    This episode brings a lot of new story line to this show. I think it’s getting more interesting. This one is worth your time.

  • The scariest and most intense episode yet.

    This episode of Point Pleasant, currently unaired in the US (it aired in Sweden), is definatley one of the scariest episodes of Point Pleasant so far.

    Father Thomas' funeral is held in this episode, right where he was found dead, a little background on him is given, and things get a little weird at the church.

    Many things are revealed in this episode, such as what was on the video tape, some kind of power with Jesse, and some freakiness at the local beach party.

    You will be very scared for some of the characters, as it is a close call for many of them.
  • Brings the show forward.

    As the show developed it has had it's up and downs, even within the few episodes it still had a bit of a stagnant delopment, until now.

    This episode brought it forward. It revealed a lot about the nature of the characters, and about their secrets. The characters becomes even more real and more, or less, human.

    Some threads that tangled was tied together, and the content of the mysterious videotape is revealed.

    As any good episode, it must create new twists, new things for us to look forward to.

    I look forward to the next episode.