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  • Reversing Family Fortunes turns out to be a good concept!

    I am a fan of game shows because they are well remembered and have charm on them. This show is one of them.

    Pointless has been on the air since 2009 and is BBC One's main teatime quiz hosted by the amazing Alexander Armstrong and assisted by the funny Richard Osman. The concept of the show, in Alexander's words is "Where the lowest scorers are the biggest winners", esentually getting a higher score means you are losing and having a lower score means you are winning and advancing onto the next round. Getting a "Pointless Answer" is good, as it adds 250 to the jackpot already. If nobody wins it 1,000 is added for the next episode.

    For contestants, there are 4 teams with 2 people each (In Series 1, it was 5 teams of 2), they can be friends, couples, relatives, workmates or anybody. Like with most game shows contestants wear name-tags which has a background similar to the pointless logo with their name in the same font as the logo. In each round the highest scoring team is knocked out until 1 remains for the final round, where they win a trophy with the Pointless logo on. For the other 3 teams if it's their first show they can come back for another go but if that happens as well they are gone forever. It's always nice to see the emotion and suspense of the contestants and I always like when they get Pointless answers, and can do anything ranging from hugging each other, giving a high five and stuff like that.

    The downside about the show is that since I don't care too much about banter, I find Alexander and Richard's jokes to be unfunny at times, and they increased that when they removed the "Let's meet the Contestants" bit in March 2013 and moved it to the first round, making it even longer than before.

    Overall, Pointless is an addicting and fun show that is truely likeable to anybody. I really want to go on it, badly!
  • Brilliant Concept!

    The whole idea of Pointless is brilliant! I's hard to recall a show similar to Pointless in its diversity and general fun-ness! I love it!