Season 1 Episode 13

The Jumper

Aired Unknown Aug 03, 1995 on

Episode Recap

When Marcie Fry (Cindy Ambuehl), a stock trader, jumps bail, Steve Rose (Matt Landers) of the Justice Department uses "the list" to force Connie Harper (Jack Scalia) to find her. Marcie had been framed for embezzlement, a situation that paralleled Connie's past. He is successful, locating her at a B&B, but the henchmen hired by her boss, Al Farley (John Calvin) have caught up with her as well. Connie comes to the rescue, convincing Marcie that he is her ally, and is prepared to help her out of her difficulties by getting evidence on the real embezzler: Farley.

Having ensured that Marcie's mother and aunt are safe, out of reach of Farley's killers, Connie and Marcie investigate how the embezzlement actually took place. Armed with the evidence found during a break-in to Farley's office, Connie convinces Rose to take Marcie out of the picture if he can deliver Farley and his boss, Peter West (Michael Costello), to the Justice Department instead.

Having agreed to the deal, Connie and Marcie trap Farley and his two henchmen in the basement of their building, with Rose and his officers arriving to arrest the trio. Rose then offers Farley a deal: to join the Witness Protection Program and testify against West.
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