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Pokemon: Advanced Challenge

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Pokemon: Advanced Challenge is one of the many Pok''mon series that have aired on TV. This series is not that much different from the original first season and the story continues in the Hoenn region with the main protagonist being Ash. Also making a return is Ash's first Pok''mon Pikachu. Having left all his other Pok''mon behind in Pallet Town with Dr.Oak, Ash starts this series with only Pikachu. During the series Ash encounters all new Pok''mon that have never been seen before. He also makes new friends May and her younger brother Max. Together they journey with Ash on the ultimate quest, defeating Pok''mon masters and discovering new things to become the greatest Pok''mon masters of all time, but their journey isn't without its twists and turns. With team rocket showing up now and then to try and disrupt Ash and his friends path to victory.

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AIRED ON 4/15/2006

Season 1 : Episode 41

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Grade Schoolers, Tweens, Pre-Teens, Anime, Saturday Morning