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Pokémon Chronicles

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Pokémon Chronicles is the spin-off of Pokémon. While Ash, Misty and Brock are in Johto, Atilla and Hun try to steal Raikou. While Ash travels to Hoenn after the Johto League, Brock and Misty return to their Gyms. After a quick visit, Brock heads off to find Ash. While Ash and friends travel through Hoenn, the rest of Chronicles takes place, starring characters like Richie, Sakura and Casey.
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  • This time the focus is on supporting characters.

    If you like Pokemon, you're bound to like this on some level.

    The episodes focus on either the Pokemon (like the Pichu brothers and their friends in Big City), or Misty, Brock, Tracey, Ritchie, Cassidy & Butch... to name a few.

    As in the original series, there are stronger and weaker episodes. Especially "Legend of Thunder" trilogy was a strong start.

    The art was pretty good, the sounds and stories the usual Pokemon style and quality. It was nice, refreshing change to turn the focus on other trainers for a bit (plus they had some important tie-in stories there as well, linking back to the events in the original series).moreless
  • Better than Pokemon ever was

    God,Pokemon was awful(i used to like it but now it's getting annoying) but these series made a difference these series and TMNT were the only good things from 4Kids plus this was better than Pokemon ever was Chronicles made a difference plus i liked the Pichu Brothers episodes the best and this show is not kiddy like the original one is it's better and cooler though we got this show before the USA call me crazy but i love this show i do hate the original Pokemon now but this show will never lose my respect i like it and no matter what anyone says i'll still like this show.moreless
  • this show is aminly about a yuong boy named yoshi.some old friends such as misty and tracey appear in the show sometimes, but not pikachu,obviously..... cuz ash is not there and the pokemon get caught by team rocke=t aka butch and cassidy and WTF? they evmoreless

    this show is thhe most boring show i\'ve watched because is doesnt include enough details on pokemon at all.......snd plus, thos show is mainly about this character called yoshi with a girl named marina and they fight in lots of battles and they get their pokemon caught by team rocket.
  • A nice spin off to the original series if you want a break from Ash, and want to see what some of his friends he's not traveling with are up to.moreless

    Pokemon Chronicles was definitely a good spin off to the original series, showing some of the adventures of a number of Ash's friends he wasn't traveling with at the time, such as Misty, Tracy, Gary, Prof. Oak, Richie, and Casey, while Ash himself was traveling through Johto and Hoenn. This show gives a nice variety by showing more of Butch and Cassidy, showing how Jessie, James, and Meowth met and joined Team Rocket, as well as introducing Pokemon Trainers Jimmy and Marina, by giving them a three episode arc with the legendary Pokemon, Raikou. Every episode is different, and switches it's focus between different characters, and there are even episodes focused only on Ash, Misty, and Brock's Pokemon! It's definitely a show I recommend to all fans of the original Pokemon series.moreless
  • A good pokemon series, if you enjoy seeing what happened in the past and what the others ended up doing and things going on in other places.

    I did enjoy this Pokemon series, it was definatly by far one of my favourites. Showing what the old and new gang members, and other people got up to before Kanto and after Johto and also the thrills and spills of it all. With the legend of thunder, Team Rocket, Misty, Professor Oak and many more people. Showing how they came to be right now, and what they are doing in the future and good things like that. It is good if people want to get into how things came to pass, and other things like that. If you want to see all those kinds of things, then this is a good show to watch for you. Most likely enjoy seeing all of them, and how they came to be and maybe some other interests aswell. By far one of the best pokemon series they ever brought out!moreless

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