Pokémon Chronicles

Season 1 Episode 11

A Date With Delcatty

Aired Saturday 7:00 PM Aug 05, 2006 on Cartoon Network
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A Date With Delcatty
Misty is once again doing her normal jobs at the gym. Meanwhile, Casey arrives in town wanting to see the Electabuzz baseball game. She goes to visit Misty as well as Tracey. While showing Casey the pool, a Pelipper comes flying in the window with a letter for Misty. It tells Misty to come to lighthouse at 2:00 P.M. Misty and Casey head there while Tracey is stuck cleaning the pool for Daisy. When they arrive a kid named Georgio wants to date her. Meanwhile, Butch and Cassidy receive a mission to steal Georgio’s Delcatty.moreless

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  • In this episode, Misty is asked to go on a date wtih a boy named Georgia???

    Hmm well, this episode was actually kinda boring. In this episode, Misty is once again cleaning her gym since she IS the gym leader, since her sisters are sooooooo busy looking beautiful all the time(watch the episode if you don't understand?). Soon, she gets a letter from a Pelipper and it is revealed that a boy named Georgia wants to go on a date wtih Misty! Will he succeed or be rejected????

    0 The reason this episode is kinda boring to me was because not much happened. You remember Casey(the girl in one episode where Ash beats her with his Pokemon?) She appears again in this episode and man did she sounda annoying but at least she provided some dialogue which was funny. Basically, Butch and Cassidy(Team Rocket members) were also assigned to steal a Delcatty which Georgia happens to own! Luckily, Misty and Casie managed to help Georgia get it back in the end. In short, not much happened, but still it is kinda of a good episode to watch then.

    Final rating: 7.9 to 8.0

    Final grade: B+moreless
  • Go Misty!

    Misty is awesome yet again. So basically um that girl comes along and visits her gym and Tracy is there and stuff but then this Pelipper mail thing comes along and it tells Misty to visit this location. Tracy stays back to watch the gym so Misty and that girl go to the place. It turns out that Misty has a secret admirer(why can't it be Ash?) His name is Georgio and Misty and him battle but Misty wins, not easily though. That girl and Georgio battle and Georgio wins. So I thought this was a great episode because of course Misty.moreless
  • Misty again? This is starting to turn into Misty's own show or something...

    Well, we jump back to Cerulean again to find Casey (you remember, that annoying girl who never shuts up and has the Meganium and Elekid?) coming to a baseball game. Then Misty gets a letter from an admirer, and she battles him. Corsola takes out Delcatty, since that mangy cat has no special ability, but he still defeats Elekid when battling Casey. Elekid is a good Pokemon, but Casey is kind of a weak trainer, I think. This episode kind of made me bored, the only funny part was when Namba called Butch 'Biff.'moreless
  • Only good part is Misty.

    This episode was pretty boring, there wasn't anything to get excited about except for Misty's battle and Misty herself. Butch and Cassidy also appear so that is a good thing. They also went after Delcatty and I love Delcatty so that was good. Casey also appears, she isn't my favorite character but it was still nice to see her again. Misty's battle was pretty good but all she ever uses is Corsola, love Corsola but too much is bad. Overall, this is a boring episode, besides Misty and her battle there isn't too much action to pay attetnion too, but hey it's Misty afterall!moreless
  • Pretty boring

    A Date with Delcatty is about Butch and Cassidy trying to steal a Delcatty, and a boy named Georgio asking Misty out. Casey comes to the Cerulean Gym, and she wants to get tickets to the Electabuzz-Starmie baseball game. Misty then receives a letter via a Pelipper, asking her to go to the lighthouse. When she does, Georgio is there and asks her to go to the Electabuzz game with him, and eventually, they decide to battle, Misty's Corsola against Georgio's Delcatty. When they start, Butch and Cassidy show up tand take it, but Casey eventually gets it back. Misty then wins the battle, so Casey battles Georgio for his extra ticket. She loses, but Georgio gives her the ticket anyway, and they go the game together. This episode to me wasn't that interesting. The only thing I liked was Misty and Casey being in it, so I give A Date with Decatty a 7 out of 10.moreless
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