Pokémon Chronicles

Season 1 Episode 5

A Family That Battles Together Stays Together!

Aired Saturday 7:00 PM Jun 24, 2006 on Cartoon Network
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A Family That Battles Together Stays Together!
After separating from Ash and Misty, Brock returns home to Pewter City. When he arrives at the Gym, he finds out that it has been totally redecorated and turned into a water gym! He asks his siblings about it and it turns out that it was his mother. Brock convinces his father to battle for the gym but he loses to their mother. Then, Brock decides to take on his mother, with the future of the gym on the line!moreless

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  • Great Brock Episode

    This was a great episode. I liked seeing Brock's mom for the first time. The episode was both full of action and comedy. The battle with Marill and Golem was funny, like when Golem started to drown! I was also gald that we got to know other members of Brock's Family other than his father. The battle between Onix and Mantine was cool, a rock beating a water pokemon like that was great. Overall, a good episode and it helps clear up things from the regular show. It was great to see an episode dedicated to Brock for one, I'll be watching this again!moreless
  • Brock's time to shine in this series.

    Basically Brock goes back home. It turns out his mom is alive and well but she had turned the Rock Pewter City gym into a Water type gym. Brock's dad trys to fight her way out of this but loses against Maril. Brock again challenges his mom and with Onyx beats Mantine. After this Brock leaves his Onyx, Geodude, and Crobat with his younger brother Forrest. I thought it was a great episode certainly above average but not the best episode of this series. No I'm not judging it because it didn't have Misty. I really think it's a shame this show got cancelled. That's my review.moreless
  • Oh my gosh I was laughing my socks out in this episode.

    Brock after returning to his gym back home.Brock'father tells Brock,that mother is home.He see's that his mother had changed the gym more or less an water gym.Brock father and Brock mother had an pokemon battle see if the Pokemon gym changes to an water pokemon gym.Also that the children would become Water Pokemon Trainer.Of course Brock siblings didn't want that to happened.When Brock father lost he recall the first time he met her.Yet Brock isn't amused at this.So he challenges his mother in an Pokemon duel.That if he wins the gym would be kept an Rock Gym.

    This was an great and funny episode.moreless
  • Family Matters......

    Brock returns to Pewter City, to find his mom has turned it into a Water gym! Brock convinces his father to battle to save it, but he loses, in which Brock decides to fix it himself. He battles his mom and wins.

    Well, how about that? Sure, the episode was predicatable, but it was great none the less. Brock get's his shining moment when he uses Onix to defeat his mother on a water field. It really shows that Brock is a great trainer and is willing to do anytyhing for his gym. I definetly loved this episode, and it was a good way to get back on track with Pokemon Chronicles.moreless
  • Best Brock episode ever!!

    This was the greatest Brock episode ever made! He is just so funny, made even funnier in his home setting with both his parents and all his siblings. He's even funnier when pissed off. Eric Stuart does a great job with his voice, as always. Another reason not to make it a water gym is because that's Misty's territory. And those kids should be able to choose their own destinies like Brock did and like Forrest is going to do!moreless

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