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    heres how it works you list as many comics shows video games or movies that you can think of and merge them with pokemon using any and all types of characters meaning what types of pokemon or what specific pokemon they would have i'll start

    super hero squad show

    Iron man- magneze

    Hulk -Machoke

    Wolverine - Lucario

    silver surfer- mew

    falcon- Starraptor

    Thor- electivire

    Dr.Doom gengar

    Modok Porygon

    Abomination abomasnow

    rescue heroes

    Billy Blazes water type pokemon

    Wendy Waters water type pokemon

    Jake Justice normal type pokemon

    Rocky Canyon rock and ground type pokemon

    Ariel Flyer flying type pokemon

    Roger Houston a chimchar nicknamed comet


    John Cena Pickachu since there both thefaces of theirshows

    Triple H Machoke

    Shawn Micheals Hitmonlee

    Bret hart luvdisc because of his last name

    Finlay Tyrouge

    Undertaker gengar

    Ted DiBiase Meowth knows payday

    Eve lopunny

    Shemus Machop


    Naruto nine tails

    Saskue Absol

    Sakura pichu

    Kakashi marowak

    Rock Lee hitmonlee

    now you give it atry

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