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  • This time the focus is on supporting characters.

    If you like Pokemon, you're bound to like this on some level.

    The episodes focus on either the Pokemon (like the Pichu brothers and their friends in Big City), or Misty, Brock, Tracey, Ritchie, Cassidy & Butch... to name a few.

    As in the original series, there are stronger and weaker episodes. Especially "Legend of Thunder" trilogy was a strong start.

    The art was pretty good, the sounds and stories the usual Pokemon style and quality. It was nice, refreshing change to turn the focus on other trainers for a bit (plus they had some important tie-in stories there as well, linking back to the events in the original series).
  • Better than Pokemon ever was

    God,Pokemon was awful(i used to like it but now it's getting annoying) but these series made a difference these series and TMNT were the only good things from 4Kids plus this was better than Pokemon ever was Chronicles made a difference plus i liked the Pichu Brothers episodes the best and this show is not kiddy like the original one is it's better and cooler though we got this show before the USA call me crazy but i love this show i do hate the original Pokemon now but this show will never lose my respect i like it and no matter what anyone says i'll still like this show.
  • this show is aminly about a yuong boy named yoshi.some old friends such as misty and tracey appear in the show sometimes, but not pikachu,obviously..... cuz ash is not there and the pokemon get caught by team rocke=t aka butch and cassidy and WTF? they ev

    this show is thhe most boring show i\'ve watched because is doesnt include enough details on pokemon at all.......snd plus, thos show is mainly about this character called yoshi with a girl named marina and they fight in lots of battles and they get their pokemon caught by team rocket.
  • A nice spin off to the original series if you want a break from Ash, and want to see what some of his friends he's not traveling with are up to.

    Pokemon Chronicles was definitely a good spin off to the original series, showing some of the adventures of a number of Ash's friends he wasn't traveling with at the time, such as Misty, Tracy, Gary, Prof. Oak, Richie, and Casey, while Ash himself was traveling through Johto and Hoenn. This show gives a nice variety by showing more of Butch and Cassidy, showing how Jessie, James, and Meowth met and joined Team Rocket, as well as introducing Pokemon Trainers Jimmy and Marina, by giving them a three episode arc with the legendary Pokemon, Raikou. Every episode is different, and switches it's focus between different characters, and there are even episodes focused only on Ash, Misty, and Brock's Pokemon! It's definitely a show I recommend to all fans of the original Pokemon series.
  • A good pokemon series, if you enjoy seeing what happened in the past and what the others ended up doing and things going on in other places.

    I did enjoy this Pokemon series, it was definatly by far one of my favourites. Showing what the old and new gang members, and other people got up to before Kanto and after Johto and also the thrills and spills of it all. With the legend of thunder, Team Rocket, Misty, Professor Oak and many more people. Showing how they came to be right now, and what they are doing in the future and good things like that. It is good if people want to get into how things came to pass, and other things like that. If you want to see all those kinds of things, then this is a good show to watch for you. Most likely enjoy seeing all of them, and how they came to be and maybe some other interests aswell. By far one of the best pokemon series they ever brought out!
  • Great Show!

    Pokémon Chronicles is the spin-off of Pokémon. While Ash, Misty and Brock are in Johto, Atilla and Hun try to steal Raikou. While Ash travels to Hoenn after the Johto League, Brock and Misty return to their Gyms. After a quick visit, Brock heads off to find Ash. While Ash and friends travel through Hoenn, the rest of Chronicles takes place, starring characters like Richie, Sakura and Casey. Pokémon Chronicles is the spin-off of Pokémon. While Ash, Misty and Brock are in Johto, Atilla and Hun try to steal Raikou. While Ash travels to Hoenn after the Johto League, Brock and Misty return to their Gyms. After a quick visit, Brock heads off to find Ash. While Ash and friends travel through Hoenn, the rest of Chronicles takes place, starring characters like Richie, Sakura and Casey.
  • Not as good as original series of Pokemon. Still good though.

    Pokemon Chronicles is an adaptation of the original Pokemon series. Pokemon chronicles is based around the minor characters of the original series. So like Ritchie and Proffesor Oak. It also follows a new character called Jimmy. Still sticking to the Pokemon theme with bad guys (team rocket, but Butch and Casidy. Also includes new members.) Pokemon chronicles is a change as it is not following Ash. Ash only appears in one episode and that is a minor part. When he leaves his pokemon behind to go and buy a chistmas cake. ( episode 22 Pikachu's Winter Vacation - Christmas Night ) Pikachu is the main star of this episode.

    Also Meowth has a few star rolls as the main character in the episodes: 19 Big Meowth, Little Dreams/Piece'a Pizza Peace Pizzazz, and episode 21 Of Meowth And Pokémon / A Little Skitty. ( Not including the episodes in which Jessie and James are main characters aswell.) This is the first time that Meowth has had a starring role in the anime since episode 72 Go West Young Meowth of the original series. The normal team rocket, including Meowth all have starring roles in this series. In episode 13 Training Daze, it even goes back to when they were at the Rocket graduation class. They also star in episode 7 We're No Angels! Any who watched the pokemon league in the original series will know of Richie. If you haven't seen it, Richie beat Ash in the Pokemon league and they became great friends, and rivals at the same time. Since then Richie only appeared in a few episodes. He is one of the main people in pokemon chronicles. He appears in 3 episodes and is the main character in all of them. He appears in episodes: 10 Oaknapped!, 12 Celebi And Joy!, 18 The Search For The Legend
  • The Raikou Special was awesome...but the dub ruined it. It was fun to see Misty again and how she dealed with life as a Gym Leader...but did we need to see more of Ash clone,Ritchie...NO.

    I have mixed feelings about the Chronicles/Housos. The Misty/Kasumi episodes where fun,aswell as the Gary one,but did we need to waste episodes on the craptacular clone Ritchie is? NO! The writters definetly wasted money on those episodes,hell on those centered on Casey and other COTD's of Jouto. They could had made the Raikou Special equivalent of the AG era centering around FRLG Girl or Brendan..hell maybe both,that would had been the perfect way to advertise FRLG and Emerald..they already had an idea they could use...Team Rocket steals Rayquaza...OMFG its up to FRLG Girl and/or Brendan to save it. -.- But noooooo....they had to instead make crappy episodes of Ritchie. >_< But back on topic,what they did to the Raikou Special is unogivable...they made Bashou-kun a woman...why?...Only episodes worth watching are the Gary/Shigeru and Misty/Kasumi ones. If you can watch the Raikou Special in japanese with subs,I recommend it..better then the dub crap...it bored the sh!t out of me. -.-
  • The Pokemon spin-off.

    Okay this show isn't as great as Pokemon, but its still super-special awesome. Its about the other stories going on in the Pokemon world besides the ones Ash and ganag are dealing with. It is like a really big filler, sort of. The stories usually are about either Meowth, Ritchie, or one of the old characters. the first three episodes were about characters, nobody seemed to even know or even care about. It dealed with three trainers who try and save a Raiku from another Team Rocket duo besides Jesse and James, and that talking Pokemon with the cat-like appearence. So basically a filler. Anyway this show may not be as good as the original, but its still great!
  • good idea,bad show

    It's good that the creaters of Pokemon thought of a new idea,and it's a pretty good one.The only pronle with this show is that they used their great idea horribly,it's sooooooooooooooooooo boring.This show revolves around most of the shows side characters,telling their story,but their stories just aren't interesting.Not to mention it's still the same Pokemon we've come to know and love just with different characters some it does bring much in the originality department.Though some fans of certain characters like Misty and Brock will like it.so if you're looking for pokemon but without the same old Ash and Pikachu then this is your show.
  • This is a well needed show.

    I think that this is well needed because Pokemon shouldn't just be about Ash and Pikachu. I really like seeing different trainers, escpecially Misty. The original part with those 3 kids is ok, but I like the episodes for the trainers that Ash met and just like kinda walked off the show. As in Misty, Richie, and Gary, so and so. I think it's really a really great show. My favorite episode so far? Probably Misty taming the Gyardos, which I think is really cool that she got one. And several others with Misty so yeah it's a really great show. That's my review.
  • This thing is cool.

    This thing is really cool. I loved this show a lot. Its very interesting and someting, sometimes funny too. If you have not watched it yet, what are you waiting for? . Pokémon Chronicles is the spin-off of Pokémon. While Ash, Misty and Brock are in Johto, Atilla and Hun try to steal Raikou. While Ash travels to Hoenn after the Johto League, Brock and Misty return to their Gyms. After a quick visit, Brock heads off to find Ash. While Ash and friends travel through Hoenn, the rest of Chronicles takes place, starring characters like Richie, Sakura and Casey.
  • 4Kids messed this dub up even more than usual, it would be a 10 otherwise.

    Any fan of Pokemon is sure to get alot of enjoyment out of this set of side stories that take place in the Pokemon World.
    The dubbing of this series is below 4Kids usual standerds so it is even more jarring and less enjoyable than the usual dub. But if you can set this aside, the show is still very enjoyable. You get to see the development of characters that have left the show such as Misty and Tracey. You get to see adventures starring characters that have never appeared in the main series. And you get to see stories starring the Pokemon themselves. (Much like the Pikachu mini-movies) Any Pokemon fan is bound to find fun in this great side series.
  • i lik pokeymone

    i think it is relly good the pokeymone i lik the best is pekachiw and sieduke he is verey funny i olso lik ohh whats its name he blows fir out of his mouth i think i lik all the pokeymone ok i lik misty hse is some times funny ohh the guy whithhis hair all pointed out he thinks that that nurse whith pink hair is prety that cop whith blue hair i think he think she is prety to ok now ash he is the one whoe ones picochow and all thos other pokeymone i relly cut byyyyyyyyyyyy
  • i love this show because its about not ash but the other characters such as professer oak,tracey,misty and many more characters

    this show is i think is the best show ever after pokemon.i love hearing about the other characters than ash,brock, and may and max because we now what pokemon they all caght so i like to see if misty,tracey or other characters got new characters.i love this show so much
  • Very Nice And Interesting Show Need To Put It On More Often.

    I Like It, It Shows That The World Of Pokemon Dosen't Just Revolve Around Ash And The Gang But The Team Rocket's You See Just Are Not As Entertaining As Jesse And James, As Every One Knows There Are Hundreds Of Pokemon And Ash, Brock, May (And Misty When She Was Traveling With Them) Can\'t See All The Pokemon I Believe This Is Another Way To Show The Viewers More Of The Pokemon Because Of The Fact That Ash And The Gang May Not Be Able To See All The Pokemon Through Out There Journey\'s, Not That Im Saying They Will Not But This Is What I Believe.
  • I like Tracey

    It's great that they made this show because it's cool to watch what everyone else is doing when Ash is not around. Although many episodes weren't that interesting to me, I really liked the Tracey episodes (cuz he's my favorite character) as well as the Brock episode and the origins of Team Rocket episode.
  • This hurt pokemon more than it helped

    pokemon chronicles sucked badly what were those first 4 boring episodes about raikou, that trainer sucked badly with his horrible pokemon it was all talk no action not only these episodes the whole show was wack it was all talk all the time like with that wanna be ash, richie, sucks every episode sucked I just stopped watching pokemon chronicles I thought it would get better but it didnt
  • I really dont know whats this about it about but ill try my best. I think its like side quests of the regular pokemon adventures. but its so realistic; this is like a teeen version of pokemon. talking about hooking and scenes that aren't approitate (lol)

    this show is out of sight when it comes to different espiodes. Like for example yall know jesse and james they need to go together. that was remebering their trinaing days at team rocket. omg omg omg omg omg. they was on a mission and jesse had bulled james up while he was hanging on to mewths tail. it was so funny jesse hadd given alot of effort into pulling him up and when she did he fell on top of her. james on top of jesse and they were all hot, sweaty, and breatinhin all hard i was rollin!
  • I love pokemon

    I love pokemon just as much as the next Guy. This is great pokemon is not just ash it's every charcter in the story.although I like Ash it's ok with out him in the big picture. I have only seen 1 or 2 eposodes so far but they were awesome.I wish are world was a world of pokemon it would be awesome. You would not have to go to school because when you turn ten you can become a pokemon master. breeder, or cordenator. I would love to be a trainer. there are so many cool things you could exsperence.You could train pokemon.It would even be nice if they came out with a decent game of pokemon.
  • I was really....not impressed.

    The show is basically starting after Ash's Johto Championship and it show what the other characters were doing while he and his friends were gone. I did like that, but after the first three episodes, it really wasn't living up to its hype. I only give it a 6 because of the first three episodes.
  • I'm just starting to get the hang of this show without Ash,May,Brock and may's little brother.

    I'm not saying that It's a bad so show but i'll get use to it. Less team rocket, but it's cool. Tracy's the main character along with his pok'emon sparky(pikachu) but the show is good. Well from the looks of it the schow would at least last until 2009 or so but i'll just sit back and enjoy Pok'mon Chronicals. . . . . . . . . . .. ... . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . .
  • Something to watch that's Pokemon while Ash struggles to get badges.

    Pokemon Chronicles is not an average show, as it's random scenarios involving other trainers. So you never know who's going to be the character focus. That's adventurous and surprising. I miss Tracey and Misty on the show, be we see them plenty here. And Richie comes along every now and then, it's nice to know what he's doing. And there's all kind of situations in Chronicles that you wouldn't see in other shows because everything's always about Ash in Pokemon. Here, it's about Misty, or Richie, or even Team Rocket! A nice change in character focus is what Chronicles has.
  • okay

    everybody that i know is one of the best pokemon plyers of all time and i think if every body would watch pokemon it could help the on the trading card game too. so plz every body that likes pokemon trading card game they should watch the tv show pokemon adventures and will anybody that is looking at this review plz be my friend i am omiwaterdragon and i would be happy if you see this review. i bet they are going to come out with new pokemon and new adventures so plz watch the show and play the game.
  • Better than original Pokemon; Gripping,clever and great to watch. Not the best anime but "not the best" can still mean great.

    Pokemon Chronicles puts the spotlight on the varoius chracters from the original Pokemon[except Ash]and more. It "enlightens" the viewers by showing the chracter's dilemnas,histories and triumphs.It beats the original Pokemon as 1] the plots are far more original, 2] the artwork looks more fresh and 3] the concept of not using Ash is both inspired and unique. The third poiunt may upset, as Ash is a great character[most noticeably in the 1st series of Pokemon]. However, having a number of protagonists[some of those include Jesse, James and Meowth] keeps the show fresh and wonderfully unpredictable. The various techniques used in Chronicles are so effectively implemented that they have more then enough potential to completely revive the other Pokemon show. It is unlikely, but we can hope, can't we?
  • I was always wondering what the other characters were doing.

    Pokemon Chronicles is an anime show about what Ash's friends and other people are doing while he's away in Hoenn. This show is a little better than the original Pokemon show, to me, because we don't see Ash and Pikachu anymore. Pokemon Chronicles is a show for Pokemon Fans.

  • This show is showing how the other trainers are doing.

    This show left off where Misty had to look after the gym. Since the origional Poke'mon is getting to unberable to watch. You watch this great show. I don't see why people still like the origional. It's getting to the point where it seems like it is an never ending story. Most of the characters you don't see that you like you can finally see them. This in time will replace the origional. The show is for the fans that like the good old days of Poke'mon. In this show you can revisit those memories of Kanto and Johto. Thanks for reading.
  • Getting better

    When I first watched this show I didn't like it because Ash and Pikachu weren't in it. But I think it's getting better. I watched a few episodes yesterday on Tunami. I thought it was pretty good. It doesn't matter who's in, who the trainers are. All that matters is that it has pokemon, that's why it's called Pokemon. But I think it really is getting better. My favorite season is that last one Misty was in. I like the other seasons and I got into Pokemon Chronicles now, so I can watch that. Like I said, it is getting better with every season!!
  • Pokemon Chronicles is about the adventures of other Pokemon trainers.

    This show isn't as good as the original Pokemon show, but it is pretty good. Some of the characters from the original show, like Misty and Brock, are in the show. There are also new characters, as well. Since this show is about other trainers, Ash does not appear in this snow, if not rarely. The also show some Pokemon not shown often in the original series, like Raikou. This show is great, but I still like the original series more. I give this show a 9 out of 10. This is a great installment in a even greater series.
  • This show features every character Ash Ketchum already met in his past adventures. While Ash is venturing out in the Hoenn Region, his friends back in his hometown of Pallet are doing things that not even Ash himself knows about.

    This is one of the most whacked-out anime shows I have ever heard of! I think I will enjoy this since the show focuses on every past character that Ash met during his travels. I hope this becomes another hilarious show that has loads of laughs and some new faces. The familiar faces of this show are fantastic to see once again!
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