Pokémon Chronicles

Season 1 Episode 8

Showdown At The Oak Corral

Aired Saturday 7:00 PM Jul 08, 2006 on Cartoon Network
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Showdown At The Oak Corral
Professor Oak and Tracey are going about their everyday lives taking care of the Pokémon and doing research at the Oak Laboratory. Meanwhile, Butch and Cassidy land nearby in their helicopter and disguise themselves as a Golem and Nidoqueen in order to freely wonder around. When they reach the building, they sneak in and steal every Pokéball that is being stored! Now Tracey, Oak, and Ash’s pokémon must find the intruders and get the Pokéballs back!moreless

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  • There's nothing abysmal about this episode! Who voted 'abysmal'?!

    Butch and Cassidy are like the opposite of James and Jessie. They have a different motto, they're not very funny compared to them, and they almost get away with half of the stuff they do. This episode was like that, since they were noticed about 10 minutes into the episode, that's about 10 times how long Jessie and James last. The Pokemon disguises were good, I'm surprised how well they seemed to blend in. But, Ash's Pokemon from Johto make a comeback.moreless
  • Gotta love seeing Ash's old Pokémon again

    Showdown at the Oak Corral is about how Butch and Cassidy try to rob Professor Oak's Lab. They disguise themselves as a Nidoqueen and a Golem. On the way, Totodile sees them, and uses Water Gun on Golem (Butch) who gets mad and reflects it back. After successfully grabbing the Pokéballs, they try to make a getaway, but at first are stopped by a Nidoking who likes Nidoqueen (Cassidy) and sends her flying when she rejects him. They are then stopped by Professor Oak, Delia, and Tracey who battle them and eventually win, sending Butch and Cassidy blasting off. Overall this was a good episode. It was funny, and had Ash's old Pokémon in it. The only reason I gave it an 8.5 is because throughout the episode, I didn't know what was going on because the Pokémon were talking.moreless
  • Butch and Cassidy Return. Gotta Love that Totodile!

    This was a good episode. Butch and Cassidy return with a new fashion sense - dressed as Nidoqueen and Golem. My favorite part of this episode was Totodile always running around trying to spray Golem (Butch) with Water Gun. I was glad to see an episode with Ash\'s pokemon as the main stars as well as see Tracey return. Another funny part was Cassidy being chased around by Nidoking!. I wish we could have seen more about what Tracey does each day though. Overall, this is a good episode the reflects on what Ash's pokemon do while he is gone. I enjoyed it so watch it!moreless
  • No one gets away with calling Tracey stupid!

    Grrrr! I was so mad when they scorned Tracey and Professor Oak! Those guys are cool! Ohterwise I liked this episode because Kassidy and Butch (what's-his-name) make for a very hilarious episode (though I cannot forgive them for what they said!) I also liked that the narrator cut in at the end so we were spared most of Professor Oak's latest poem, but once again the dubbing wasn't that great. Tracey rules!moreless

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