Pokémon Chronicles

Season 1 Episode 9

The Blue Badge Of Courage

Aired Saturday 7:00 PM Jul 22, 2006 on Cartoon Network
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The Blue Badge Of Courage
Tracey and Sakura visit Misty at the Cerulean City Gym, Sakura wanting an official Gym Battle in order to earn her fourth Badge. When Misty discovers that there are no more Badges left, she, Tracey, and Sakura must travel to the home of Kinso, the Badge Maker, to make more.moreless

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  • Misty verse Sakura with badges.

    Another Misty episode! Yes! Go Misty! So anyway this girl name Sakura comes along and challenges Misty to a battle. But they don't have any more badges so she, Tracy and Sakura must go to this badge maker. He wants them to do all sort of things and in the end Misty must fight him and unfortunately Psyduck comes along. Psyduck suprisedly beats Crowonaw(or the evolution of that) with an impressive feat or Psychic power. In the end Sakura beats Misty and earns the Cascade Badge. I really liked this episode I cannot believe this show has ended it's a real shame. Superb episode.moreless
  • Cool episode!

    Sakura and Tracy come to Misty's gym, and Sakura wants a gym battle. But Misty's out of badges! Now I found that weird, I thought that there was always badges lying around at a gym... guess not. So they have to go to some weird mountaineer freak to get some more. He makes them make the badges, which is dumb, because that's his job. He shouldn't make other people do it for him, you lazy bum!

    Some losers try to steal the badges, and Psyduck stops them. Which he shouldn't have, since pyschic attacks shouldn't have worked on Poochyena!! So whatever, the thieves lose, and Sakura gets her badge in the end.moreless
  • Gotta Love Misty!

    I love this episode because Misty is in it. This episode was different then most episodes. We finally got to see all of the hard work that goes into making gym badges. It was also good to see Tracey and Sakura again. One thing I didn't get was, if Sakura already has three Johto badges, and need 5 more badges, why didn't she just travel around Johto, that would be less travelling, but who cares, she returned, and with a Beautifly too! It was also great to see a Feraligatr, even if for a minute. Plus, Misty and Sakura's battle was good too.moreless
  • Gotta love the Misty episodes!

    The Blue Badge of Courage is about how Misty learns to make badges. She\'s in the gym and Tracey shows up, and they decide to teach Psyduck to swim, but it doesn\'t go well. Then Sakura comes and challenges Misty to a gym battle, but Misty has no badges, and calls her sisters to find out how they make them. After finding out, they all go to make them, but it\'s harder than they thought. When they finally get it done, someone steals the badges. Misty stops them, gets the badges, and loses to Sakura. Overall, I think that this was great, so I give The Blue Badge of Courage a perfect score, 10 out of 10moreless
  • So this is how you get badges. It's not as easy as it looks.

    During the fight with the thieves it was clear they were no threat because if they were they wouldn't have to steal the badges. Anyway, this was another good episode, funny too. Tracey is such a goofball, but that's part of his charm. When he was trying to teach Psyduck to swim I couldn't stop laughing and envisioning scenarios in my head.

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