Pokémon Chronicles

Season 1 Episode 1

The Legend of Thunder (1)

Aired Saturday 7:00 PM Jun 03, 2006 on Cartoon Network
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The Legend of Thunder (1)
On his Pokémon Journey, Jimmy meets his old friend Marina at a Pokémon Center. The two of them have a Pokémon Battle, Jimmy taking the early lead by knocking out Marina's Pink (Jigglypuff) with his Beedrill. Marina sends out Wani-Wani, her Croconaw, next and Jimmy sends in Typhlosion. Before any of them can do anything, storm clouds appear and bolts of lightning come from the sky. Little Miss (Misdreavus), Wani-Wani, and Typhlosion all start heading towards the source of the clouds. Jimmy and Marina try to call them back, getting Wani-Wani and Typhlosion, but Little Miss disappears. They give chase to it and discover Team Rocket members Atilla and Hun attacking the Legendary Pokémon Raikou. Jimmy confronts them and tells them that they're in for the fight of their lives.moreless

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  • Part 1 and a good episode.

    Even though this a good episode It could have had a little more action and a little less Marina thinking Jimmy loves her conversation. I was finally glad to see this episode as I was glad to see Raikou since it never made a true appearance in the main show. This was a good episode but Marina’s voice took some getting use to. I liked Jimmy’s battles because I love his pokémon and his line “You Rock, You Rule!” Overall, this is a very good episode and starts this three-part episode on a good start and has a nice cliffhanger, can’t wait for Part 2!moreless
  • Good, but should have made an origin episode first.

    I want to know how he got his Typlosion, and how did he made his firends. that would be more interesting. but still a good start to the series. I just hope that the battles would be more interesting than in the original pokemon series. I'm sick of Jesse and James.
  • Great way to start off Chronicles.

    In The Legend of Thunder (Part 1) Atilla and Hun use an electricity absorbing machine to find Raikou and use it to hurt him. Jimmy comes in and says they should leave Raikou alone, so he sends out his Typhlosion to start a battle with Atilla and Hun. This was an excellant episode. The battle between Jimmy and Marina was awesome, especially because I like Typhlosion. I also liked seeing Raikou. He is my favorite legendary dog. (Or cat) The Legend of Thunder (Part 1) has a great plot and excellant characters in that plot, so I give The Legend of Thunder (Part 1) a perfect 10 out of 10.moreless
  • this show made me want to like pokemon again

    after years of pokemon trash we get this. the epsoide stated with the reson I like this show the fighting. jimmy the main charater is a fine example of a hero. this guy is better then ash. the new team rocket guys are btter them jessie and james well every be. this episode starts the spinoff that tells what was happening while ash was i jhoto. I want to see how this show will do in the futrue.moreless
  • Chronicles shows promise, even if it is a spin-off.

    I was dedicated to be magnetized to this show because of my own history of loving Pokemon. But it turns out that I didn't need it. The episode was very action-packed, started off with a battle right from the start. We see Jimmy and Marina, whom are Pokemon trainers. They battle, and we see Jimmy's Typhlosion and Beedrill in action. But, nevertheless, there is always evil, and Team Rocket fits the job description very well, as Atilla and Hun plot to steal Raikou, and Jimmy and Marina stumble upon them. Then, at the end, Jimmy challenges them to a battle, but what can you expect from this courageous trainer! The Rocketeers send out Steel Pokemon, but I have a feeling Typhlosion is going to make a barbecue.moreless
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Eric Stuart

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Andrew Rannells

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Veronica Taylor


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (8)

    • The tune heard in the establishing shot of the Pokémon Center is the one heard when you heal your Pokémon there in the games.

    • The Pokédex recognizes Raikou, but the usual picture is replaced by a drawing of it in action.

    • Jimmy is a playable character in Gold, Silver, and Crystal, and Marina is available to players in Crystal.

    • Jimmy mentions that all sound waves don't reach Beedrill because its wings flap so quick that it erases every bit of it. If that is true how are Jimmy's commands reaching it?

    • This episode has a different theme song than the others.

    • The Title Screen changes from the television broadcast to the DVD version. On television, this episode and Parts 2 & 3 are shown as separate episodes and the Title Screen is on all three of them, displaying each Part # respectively. But, on the DVD, it is one long episode and the Title Screen notes "The Movie."

    • In the Japanese Version, Bashou was a male and had the deepest voice in the episodes. In the dub, he was switched to a female and named Hun.

    • The names of the heroes of this episode are different to what they were in the Season 5 Pokémon episode Tie One On! Jackson, in Tie One On!, waved to the camera and said "Hi!" to Yoshi and Dani, who have been renamed Jimmy and Marina. Jackson has also been renamed, to Vincent, and appears in the second and third parts of the episode.

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    • Atilla comments that rounding up all of the electric Pokémon was like living on his uncle's ranch in the Black Hills. The Black Hills is an actual range of hills in southwestern South Dakota.

    • The two main villains are an obvious homage to Atilla the Hun, continuing the tradition of Team Rocket duos being named after famous historical villains.