Pokémon Chronicles

Season 1 Episode 3

The Legend of Thunder (3)

Aired Saturday 7:00 PM Jun 10, 2006 on Cartoon Network
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The Legend of Thunder (3)
Raikou escapes from Team Rocket with help from Marina, but Marina is taken hostage. Jimmy calls Marina on her PokéGear, but Attila breaks it and loses the call. Eugene thinks to track them using the call log and they meet up again with Team Rocket, who have set up the crystal again. Raikou comes back and is almost captured, but Jimmy and his friends help Raikou and defeat Attila and Hun.moreless

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  • i love this kind of pokemon i think.

    i love this pokemon series because it show episodes byond the other series. the thing i hate toward this show they should had kept going in with jimmy,marina,and vincent.that would have been a good show. then we will see the stuff they do. i like this series of pokemon and i hate this series of pokemon.
  • Raikou Legendary Pokemon of Johto - About Darn time they did a speacil on Johto Pokemon this reigion was neglected when Ash went through thankfully this eposide starts to heal my wounds from the neglect.moreless

    Watching this VIA YouTube (I love YouTube!) I was a little worried about a spin-off of sorts of my old friend Pokemon Tv Show I'd grown up with it I myself was a ten year old when this show started.

    But honestly this is a great Speacil Marina makes me laugh she's such a great character I felt like hitting the one who thinks Marina is his he annoyed me.

    But one question...

    Why did they make it into a THREE part speacil some bits could of been easily cut down to two part speacil and still it would of been a great speacil.moreless
  • Review for all three parts - exciting, but 4Kids scriptwriters need to be shot

    It is a given as usual that the 4Kids scriptwriters need to be shot. Such lame lines bog down the thrill of the original Japanese plot. Vincent is acting worse than Brock, but it's funny to watch even if it's sorta pathetic. The scene with Jimmy watching Raikou in the Pokemon Center reminded me of a similar scene in "Tracey Gets Bugged," one of my favorites.
  • A great episode.

    Even though this was a great episode, but I can't give it a perfect 10 for the simple fact of the whole trying to destroy the crystal method. Trying to break threw the barrier like that? They could have thought of something new and original instead of using the typical method. The action was great, afterall it is Raikou! I really liked the battles with both Atilla and Hun, as well as Raikou battling. Overall, a great episode, and there was only one thing that I didn't like. This turned out to be a great way to end this three part saga.moreless
  • A great way to end the three part saga

    Th Legend of Thunder Part 3 starts off with Vincent calling Marina on her PokéGear, which is taken and destroyed by Attilla. Attila and Hun then activate their crystal to try and lure Raikou to them again, which he does. He then disables the crystal's control unit, which sends the crystal into auto destruct mode. It traps Raikou with electric hooks that dig into Raikou and pull it close, into a field of electricity like in Part 1. Then Typhlosion, Misdreavous, and Meganium combine their power and break Raikou free for good. This was an excellant ending to The Legend of Thunder saga. I give The Legend of Thunder Part 3 a perfect 10 out of 10.moreless

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