Pokémon Chronicles

Season 1 Episode 7

We're No Angels!

Aired Saturday 7:00 PM Jul 01, 2006 on Cartoon Network
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We're No Angels!

After landing from their most recent blast-off, Team Rocket end up in a village where they are mistaken for Team Righteous, a team that protects innocent people. When a robot comes into the village, they think it is the villagers, so they attack it. However, it turns out that the robot was made by a scientist who lives nearby and they are now convinced even more that Team Rocket are good guys. They decide to be good for once and head to the lab of this "evil" scientist.


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  • Intersting?

    This was an ok episode, but it isn't the best that you will ever watch. The best part of this episode was the (short) appearance of Arbok and Weezing, I miss them! I thought it was funny with the whole "Team Righteous" ironic, yet funny. I did find the episode some what boring although it is always great to have an episode that is all about Team Rocket. Plus, I hate how they made they professor seem evil and then turns out to be cowardly. Overall, an ok episode, not onw you will want to watch over and over and over again though.moreless
  • It was a different episode cut off from the main idea though it was good.

    I think this episode was overall pretty good. It was different from the other episodes and it was nice to see Team Rocket the main characters in an episode. Also, another reason why it was different was because Team Rocket were actually the good guys! On accident yes, but they still were the good guys right?? Thats what I liked about this episode it was different just a fun episode a break from the real series with Ash, Pickachu, you know all the others. This is what I thought about this episode overall it was pretty good. Good job Team Rocket!moreless
  • Kind of like "The Superhero Secret" if you think about it really hard...

    James and Jessie (and Meowth, I guess) are the main characters here. This episode showed what happens to villains when they fall upon a village of unknowledgeable commoners. They think that they're all superheroes that appeared in a '40s movie..? Wouldn't they be dead by now?

    And there's a doctor making murderous machines that are actually really to help the people? I guess he doesn't believe in using human labor. Jessie and James then use their tricked out Meowth robot to get rid of the Taillow swarm. What is this, the Birdz of Pokemon? Still, good episode.moreless
  • Strange, yet sad, maybe pathetic

    James's character was cool. And as usual Dan Green also does a good job with voice acting. And Meowth is as cute as ever. But the plot was flimsy at best and dubbing sucks and when did Jessie and James get rid of Arbok and Weezing? Maybe I'm just not used to seeing them.
  • Excellant episode!

    We're No Angels is about how Team Rocket land in a small village, and decide to protect it from a "mad" scientist. They attack his robots, but they are really for helping the villagers with their crops, not destroying them. The episode ends as Team Rocket is about to stay, but they get balsted off, see the twerps, and decide to steal Pikachu. This was a funny episode. It was good to see an episode that doesn't have Team Rocket trying to steal Pikachu, but they're still a major role. Overall, We're No Angels is a great episode, so I give it a 9.5 out of 10.moreless

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