Pokemon: DP Galactic Battles

Cartoon Network Premiered Dec 18, 2008 Between Seasons


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Pokemon: DP Galactic Battles

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Pokemon: DP Galactic Battles is a fantasy anime series airing on Cartoon Network that follows Pokemon trainer and protagonist Ash Ketchum as he continues his journey to become the greatest Pokemon trainer in the world. It is the twelfth season of the Pokemon animated series, which follows Ash as he attempts to catch and train the fictional monsters with the help of his sidekick Pikachu and close friends Dawn and Brock. Along the way, he battles gym leaders, Pokemon trainers, and the sordid Team Rocket. Unique to this season of the anime series is the setting, as this time Ash sets off to explore Sinnoh region of the Pokemon world. DP Galactic Battles is based around the Diamond and Pearl version of the enormously popular Pokemon video games, which provides a vast array of new Pokemon for Ash and friends to encounter and a breadth of new adventures for them to undertake.

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Tweens, Pre-Teens, Anime, Saturday Morning, underdogs