Pokemon: DP Galactic Battles

Season 1 Episode 9

Hold the Phione!

Aired Unknown Jul 04, 2009 on Cartoon Network
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Hold the Phione!

Exploring Chocovine Town before the contest, Ash and the gang go on an underwater submarine where they see the legendary Pokemon Phione but one Phione appears to have a romantic interesting in Buneary.

But Phione is captured by Team Rocket, will things be a happy ending.


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    Ken Gates

    Ken Gates


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    Kayzie Rogers

    Kayzie Rogers

    Wobbuffet / Mime Jr.

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      • Jessie: Alright Phione. Out of the pool. Here you go. (misses Phione) Huh?
        James: Chill out! (misses Phione) Aaah!
        Meowth: Hey! Play time's over! Huh? That supersonic's screwing my brain! (gets confused and starts humming and dancing to "Reveille")
        James: When was Meowth ever a drum major?
        Jessie: Since when is being confused anything new?! Look, Phione! Stop having fun! (gets hit with ice beam)
        James: Why, that ice beam casted you in an artistic light. Take this! (hits Jessie and the ice breaks)
        Jessie: Ugh! Come back, you little brat! I got you! (Phione disappears) Huh? What? Where did it go? Where did it go? Where did it go?! Gone without a trace.
        James: Oh, no! It must have used acid armor!
        Jessie: Huh?
        James: It's a move that lets Phione disappear into water. (fountain drains) And now it's gone!
        Jessie: Well, we've got to unmove that move and fast!
        Meowth: You put your right foot in-
        Jessie: How long are you going to act like your true nature?! Wake up?
        Meowth: (snaps out of confusion) Huh?

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