Pokemon: DP Sinnoh League Victors

Cartoon Network Premiered Jun 05, 2010 Unknown


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  • Season 13
    • Battling a Thaw in Relations
      Gliscor manages to strike down with X-Scissor, but Drapion hits Gliscor with Pin Missle multiple times. Then, Gliscor dodges Cross Poison and burns Drapion with Fire Fang, finally defeating Drapion and leaving Paul with Electivire. Electivire uses Thunder on the ground and chunks of earth hit Gliscor, defeating him. Then, due to Electivire's immunity to Electric-type attacks, Pikachu falls in battle and is replaced by Infernape. Infernape and Electivire are at powerful clashes of ThunderPunch with Mach Punch, and Flamethrower and Thunder. Then, when Electivire grabs Infernape's arm, he inflicted a powerful Thunder attack, and is at a disadvantage until Blaze is activated. Electivire and the enraged, but more powerful Blaze Pokemon charge at each other with a powerful ThunderPunch, and a full-powered Flare Blitz crashed at each other and exploded with Electivire falling to Ash's Infernape, and helps Ash win victory over Paul. Paul tells Ash that he is going to see Pyramid King Brandon and ask for a rematch. Ash's next opponent is revealed to be Tobias (the trainer with the Darkrai). Will Ash manage to reach the finals?moreless
    • A Real Rival Rouser!
      Ash and Paul continue their full battle. Drapion managed to defeat both Buizel and Staraptor. Ash sends out Torterra and it did some damage to Drapion utilizing Energy Ball, Leaf Storm, and Rock Climb. But Drapion still manage to defeat Torterra even at a disadvantage. Paul recalls Drapion and send out Ninjask. Ash sends out Gliscor. After a tough battle, Ash recalls Gliscor for Infernape. It used Flare Blitz on the underground to get rid of Toxic Spikes. Infernape finished Ninjask with a powerful Mach Punch. Paul's next Pokemon was Froslass and Ash recalls Infernape for Pikachu. After a tough battle, Pikachu beat Froslass with Volt Tackle. Paul send out Drapion and Ash recalls Pikachu for Gliscor. Both Ash and Paul are ready to battle to their fullest. However, Who will win?moreless
    • Familiarity Breeds Strategy
      Ash and Paul are about to start there full battle. So far Ash is sticking with his same team he had against Paul during there full battle at Lake Acuity. Paul chooses Aggron and Ash chooses Pikachu. After a fierce battle, Ash recalls Pikachu for Infernape who beat Aggron with a fast Mach Punch. Paul's next Pokemon is Gastrodon and Ash recalls Infernape for Staraptor. Staraptor hit Gastrodon with a Quick Attack. Paul surprises everyone by making Gastrodon do the Counter Shield with Muddy Water. Staraptor try to hit Gastrodon with Aerial Ace but Gastrodon dodge it and hit Staraptor wirh a Body Slam. Gastrodon used Water Pulse and shoot it up in the air to gain power when it hit Staraptor. Luckily it got out by using Close Combat on the floor. Ash recalls Staraptor because it took damage from Gastrodon's Ice Beam. Ash send out Buizel and by taking Gastrodon's Ice Beam it did the Ice-Aqua Jet to Gastrodon. Gastrodon try to hit Buizel with a Body Slam, but Buizel finish Gastrodon with a powerfull Ice Punch. Paul's next pokemon is Drapion. It used Pin Missile on Buizel but Buizel manage to block it with its Counter Shield. Drapion then used Cross Poison, but Buizel dodge it and do Sonicboom at Drapion's back. However Drapion blocked it with it's tail and Drapion caught Buizel with it's tail. Even though Ash is in the lead, Paul's Counter Attack has begun. Who will win?moreless
    • Working on a Right Move!
      Ash's Infernape learns Flare Blitz and Gible masters Draco Meteor. Ash faces Conway with Noctowl, Gible and Donphan. Ash knocks out Conway's Shuckle with Gible and Lickilicky with Noctowl, but Conway's Dusknoir knocks out Noctowl and Donphan because of a move called Trick Room. With Gible and Dusknoir taken a lot of damage each, it looks as though neither side has the clear advantage until Gible bites through Dusknoir's Shadow Punch, unleashes Draco Meteor again, and knocks out Dusknoir with a well-aimed Dragon Pulse. Ash moves on to the Top 8 along with Paul and the mystery trainer with the Darkrai. The mystery trainer's name is revealed, Tobias. So for the quarter-finals, Ash will be battling Paul. Ash's Gliscor returns.moreless
    • League Unleashed!
      League Unleashed!
      Episode 26
      Finally, it's time for the Sinnoh League. And Ash soon discovers that his preliminary battle is against Nando - the Pokémon minstrel and the first trainer he befriended in Sinnoh. Ash decides to use his Quilava, Heracross and Staraptor, as Nando sends out Roserade, Kricketune and Armaldo. At first Nando takes the initiative, but later Ash grasps the situation gradually, by understanding Nando's style and rhythm. During the battle, Ash's Quilava learns Aerial Ace and his Heracross learns Focus Punch & Sleep Talk. At last, Ash defeats Nando, and moves on to his next match. Meanwhile, Barry, Conway and Paul also make it through the preliminaries.moreless
    • Old Family Blend
      Old Family Blend
      Episode 25
      It's almost time for the Sinnoh League, and in training, Ash has decided to get all of his Reserve Pokémon together for some training and to decide who to use in the league. However, when they arrive in Sinnoh, they all get out of their Poké Balls and are playing about nearby.moreless
    • Bucking the Treasure Trend
      On their way to the Sinnoh League, Ash & Co. meet up with Flint's brother, Buck. Buck is a treasure hunter and is eager to find treasure on a nearby island. Buck requests the assistance of Ash & Co. in finding this treasure. However, Team Rocket also overhear this information and decide to get the treasure for themselves. Will Buck managed to beat them to it?moreless
    • Four Roads Diverged in a Pokémon Port!
      Having earned his final badge, it is time for Ash to head off to the Sinnoh League. However, as they leave Sunnyshore City, Ash & Co. meet both Dawn's rival, Kenny who wants Dawn to travel to another region with him for Pokémon Contests and their old friend Jasmine, the gym leader of Olivine City in Johto.moreless
  • Season 1