Season 11 Episode 31

A Crasher Course in Power!

Aired Saturday 8:30 AM Nov 22, 2008 on Cartoon Network
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The time has finally come for Ash's gym battle against Crasher Wake. However, the battle may prove more then Ash can handle with Buizel's latest attitude problem. When the battle starts Ash starts off with an early win against Gyarados, but can he repeat the success and win his fourth Sinnoh Badge?moreless

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  • Ash has a battle against Pastoria Gym Leader Crasher Wake.

    Team Rocket have a day of relaxing in the Great Marsh & Ash's gym battle is about to begin. Ash starts off with using Pikachu battling Wake's Gyarados. Pikachu defeats Gyarados with Thunderbolt, Iron Tail, & a Volt Tackle head on. Quagsire is up & Ash uses Turtwig. Turtwig's speed surprises Wake but Quagsire manages to use Mud Shot & Ice Beam to put the hurt on Turtwig. Ash calls back Turtwig before being defeated. Ash calls out Buizel to fight. Using Aqua Jet to collide with Ice Beam, Buizel uses Ice Jet to defeat Quagsire. Wake calls out Floatzel. Floatzel manages to confuse Buizel, so Ash recalls it & uses Pikachu. Even Pikachu is not able to defeat Floatzel, so Ash recalls Pikachu & Buizel is back in battle. With a close range Water Pulse hitting Floatzel, Buizel wins the match & Ash earns the Fen Badge.moreless
  • Another awesome Gym Battle featuring the Pastoria Gym Leader: Crasher Wake!

    At last, the episode featuring Ash's forth Sinnoh Gym Battle has arrived! It was definitely an episode that showed the excitement of a Gym Battle the way it should, and I must say that Wake's Floatzel was awesome. The battle was even better, considering that Team Rocket didn't barge in and interrupt it.

    We start with Team Rocket getting a nice mud bath in the Pastoria Great Marsh... and after that, it's on to Ash and his pokemon training for their upcoming Gym Battle! Buizel is intensely focused on training, knowing that since it's battle with Veilstone Gym Leader Maylene's Lucario was a draw, it wants to win this time against Crasher Wake's pokemon. Ash and Pikachu get into a practice battle with Dawn and Piplup, but after Piplup dodges Pikachu's Thunderbolt, and the attack hits Buizel instead, Buizel gets angry at Pikachu, something that's not good for teamwork in an important Gym Battle. Wake then shows up, and liking Buizel's spirit, he introduces it to his Floatzel, which being Buizel's evolved form, makes Buizel more determined to win then ever!

    The group then gathers at the Pastoria Gym water battlefield, that has platforms on different spots on top of it, and the 3 on 3 battle then gets underway! Crasher Wake starts with his Gyarados for the first round, and Ash uses Pikachu. Pikachu scores a direct hit with Thunderbolt, but despite Gyarados's major weakness to Electric type moves, it doesn't seem to do a thing! Gyarados then uses Dragon Rage, and after splitting the attack with Iron Tail, Pikachu goes head-on into Gyarados's Bite with Volt Tackle, knocking it out immediately.

    The second round is Wake's Quagsire vs. Ash's Turtwig. Even though the Grass type Turtwig has a huge advantage over the Water/Ground type Quagsire, Turtwig is soon overwhelmed by Quagsire's Sludge Bomb, Ice Beam, and excellent hearing. After getting frozen by Ice Beam, Ash returns Turtwig to it's pokeball before it receives a major blow by Quagsire's Sludge Bomb again.

    For the third round, Ash sends out Buizel, and thanks to Quagsire's Ice Beam, Buizel is able to use it's special Ice Aqua Jet to finnish it off, despite the fact that it's still upset with Pikachu. Crasher Wake then sends out his strongest pokemon...

    Round Four: Wake's Floatzel vs. Ash's Buizel. Buizel uses every move in it's arsenal, but because of Floatzel high defensive powers with it's floatation sack, the attacks barely do a thing! Meanwhile, Floatzel's powerful Razor Wind and Ice Fang moves are taking their toll on Buizel... and after deflecting Buizel's Water Pulse, Floatzel confuses it, forcing Ash to call Buizel back.

    Ash sends Pikachu back into the action for the fifth round, and after some powerful moves from both Pikachu and Floatzel, Buizel snaps out of it's confusion, thanks to a shattered Thunderbolt. However, Pikachu then gets it's back frozen due to Floatzel's Ice Fang, and Ash calls it back, and sends in Buizel to finnish Floatzel off. Buizel and Pikachu then make amends for earlier, and after breaking the ice on Pikachu's back with a small jet of water, Buizel heads back into battle to take care of some unfinished business with it's evolved form.

    After some major back and forth attacks between both sides, Buizel manages to take Floatzel down with a final Water Pulse, earning Ash the Fen Badge! This episode most certainly had the excitement it needed for an awesome Gym Battle! And now that Ash has half of the badges he needs to compete in the Sinnoh League, I'll definitely be staying tuned for more Sinnoh excitement and Gym Battles to come! And with a finishing touch of Team Rocket's continuing mud bath, our heros are on there way back to Hearthome City, so that Ash can hopefully face off against the Hearthome Gym Leader, who wasn't there on their previous visit...moreless
  • Ash finnaly battles crasher wake, but can he handle Buizel's anger managment problem? Find out on the next adventure of pokemon!

    Ah Pastorai Gym and one of the coolest ( biggest ) Gym Leaders in the Anime, Crasher Wake. It all starts out as Pikachu and Ash are practicing, and accedentally misses the training buddy and hits Buizel!! Buizel then starts throwing moves at pikachu but turtwig breaks up the fight and buizel's furious. Later Crasher comes to lead ash to the gym, he also shows his Floatzel ( The evolved form of Buizel ) and Buizel is amazed how strong it looks. Round 1: Pikachu vs Gyrados. which pikachu beat and ash returns him to his side.

    Round 2: Turtwig vs Quagsire. Which Quagsire won.

    Round 3: Buizel vs Quagsire. Buizel won Round 4: Buizel vs Floatzel. Epic Epic Epic battle Buizel does allmost get K.O'd so Pikachu goes in but gets frozen! So Buizel and Pikachu switch and it's Bui time! Buizel then forgives Pikachu and ends up winning once his rage calmed. Giving ash another gym badge.moreless

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