Season 14 Episode 10

A Rival Battle for Club Champ!

Aired Saturday 8:30 AM Apr 09, 2011 on Cartoon Network
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A Rival Battle for Club Champ!

Ash and friends arrive in Luxuria Town where there is a Battle Club. While searching the database for trainers to battle, Ash discovers that Trip is nearby and calls to request a battle. Ash wants to prove that his previous loss in Nuvema Town was just a fluke. Despite being a bit annoyed by Ash, Trip agrees to the battle. Since Ash only has five Pokémon, they will have a have a five-on-five battle. Will Ash be able to defeat his new rival? Meanwhile, while Team Rocket are planning for their mission, they are found by Officer Jenny and the police.


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  • Wow interesting battle!

    This was a really interesting battle with Ash and Trip going at it! Some tough moves by Trip who pretty much had an easier victory than expected. Snivy was great though.

    But I was surprised they had Ash los e so badly. It was as if he was a newbie or something. That didn't seem right.

    Nonetheless, it was entertaining! That Frillish is worth keepign an eye on!
  • What is going on with the writers!?

    It is episodes, such as this one that make me want to stop watching Pokemon, which is ashame. Why? Ash has a lot of experience as a trainer. After all he's a member of six leagues and is working on his seventh. He's won not one badge (as seen in this episode) but 44 badges, participated in four league competitions, won two Pokemon battle competitions as the champion, and participated in 24 Pokemon competitions winning 14 and was runner up in 5 of them. He's started over again from scratch with each new region and knows how to capture and train Pokemons.

    Yet, the writers have him making silly rookie mistakes. While his Pokemons are new and learning neither he nor his Pikachu are kids / novices. They are battle proven champions. The writers are having Ash play with both hands, both legs, and 90% of his mind tied behind his back -- it seems in this episode.

    I realize they want a story and having Ash be really powerful won't give us one, but this direction insults the viewer!!

    The one argument I can see in favor of this direction is new viewers aren't familiar with Ash. By having Ash act as a really new / novice trainer helps them. This thought fails, though, because Ash could continue as a Pokemon trainer and also be a Pokemon mentor to new trainers. After all to become a Master one should also learn to teach others. This would open up an entire new facet of Ash's life and advance him, instead of putting him back at square one. Basically, it gives him a second board at square one, while letting him stay at square "X" on the first board.

    Ash isn't a 10 year old kid any more, not after all the Pokemon experience he has under his belt (see above).

    The writers are showing this courage with Team Rocket this season and I applaud them.moreless
Jamie McGonnigal

Jamie McGonnigal


Recurring Role

Emily Bauer

Emily Bauer

Officer Jenny

Recurring Role

Marc Thompson

Marc Thompson

Unova Pokédex, Don George

Recurring Role

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