Season 6 Episode 2

A Ruin with a View

Aired Saturday 8:30 AM Nov 08, 2003 on Cartoon Network
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A Ruin with a View
Ash is ready to head to Oldale Town to sign up for the Hoenn League. May has offered to show Ash the way in exchange for his company to Oldale Town - which is only fair, seeing as Pikachu destroyed May's bike. In Oldale Town, May visits her first Pokémon Center and is amazed with all of its services, and by the ancient ruins next door. Things quickly turn sour when Team Magma, a mysterious band of criminals, shut down the electricity at the Pokémon Center and kidnap Professor Alden in order to invade the ruins. With no electricity, all of the Pokémon are in danger - including May's Torchic. It's up to Ash and May to save the day, and in doing so they uncover mysterious ancient Pokémon.moreless

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  • Ash and May have to work together to stop Team Magma after they cut the power to the Pokemon centre that has May's hurt Torchic!

    Hmm, well this was just an above average episode for me. In this episode, May finally joins Ash on his journey to the Hoenn League since Pikachu kinda destroyed her bike??????? However, May was pretty funny as since she lacked experience, she tried to catch a Pokemon by just throwing a Poke Ball without fighting it!!! She then tried using Torchic but it was pretty cute of it running into trees and rocks and running into a pack of the pre-evolved and evolved form of Azurill(I think)! Poor Torchic got hurt in the end though.............Although they managed to get to a Pokemon Centre soon, Team Magma a new villain besides Team Rocket shows up and causes trouble by cutting the power to the Pokemon Centre!!!!!!! This episode was okay I guess. Nothing much happened with the first preview of Team Magma and I wonder will Team Aqua act the same????? Will May ever get to become a experienced trainer? Guess we'll find out soon enough in the next few episodes!

    Final rating: 7.5 to 7.7(B)moreless
  • Very Good! New evil organization; Team Magma!

    May learns about Pokemon Centers and they learn about Team Magma a new evil team in Hoenn uses Pokemon to do bad and good for nothing evil stuff, but this episode is really good in the end they discover an underground lake full of ancient Pokemon namely Relicanth, a very special episode indeed, I don't wanna do spoilers but my hands are slipping a few words, *giggle* anyway this is the second episode of Pokemon Advanced season 6 more power to Pokemon!!! Hehe, I think I'm typing too much, *giggle* I might slip out the whole story so toodles! Have a nice day.moreless
  • Team Magma, new Hoenn vilans!

    Wow, red shadowed villans! Based on the Hoenn games, they're Team Magma. FRom the looks of them, I found them really scary and very tough and intelligent. That's how I alwaysdreamed the villain should always look like so they can scare off the protagonists. I'm really pleased to see their first appearence and maybe they'll come in later on.
Wayne Grayson

Wayne Grayson

Professor Alden

Guest Star

Megan Hollingshead

Megan Hollingshead

Nurse Joy

Recurring Role

Stan Hart

Stan Hart

Professor Oak

Recurring Role

Ted Lewis (II)

Ted Lewis (II)


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