Season 8 Episode 15

Absol-ute Disaster

Aired Saturday 8:30 AM Jan 07, 2006 on Cartoon Network
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Absol-ute Disaster
Ash and friends arrive in a town where the people hate Absol. They blame the Absol for all of the troubles that have plagued their small town. Ash and friends decide to help a kid named Nicky find his missing brother Gordon, who went to solve the mystery of the Absol appearing, as well as try to solve the mystery of the Absol themselves.moreless

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  • Amazing

    Ha, whenever Pikachu is about to fall off the bridge, Ash runs to save him, Pikachu jumps off and hits him in the face and Ash falls.

    May: Nice catch.

    Max: You alright?

    Brock: Pikachu is.

    TR, Absol Hunters? A little weird, just for the free food.

    The Absol with the boss was pretty funny. Nicky told off Team Rocket. Hee hee. The reason why TR was on top of the giant rock was funny. Why did Ash tell Nicky he was from Pallet Town?

    James: They do think we are professional Absol hunters.

    Meowth: And that's the worst disaster of all.

    I liked Absol's dub voice. Why does Ash always say it's not the Pokemons fault. I don't think it was trying to attack? They didn't screw up Trainer's Choice today! WOW! Gordon looked cool and his dub voice was pretty good, too. It was nice to see a Heracross again. Square Top? That's the best they can come up with? Hidden Power was really strong. The finale was amazing, and the finale's music fit perfectly. It was nice to hear music from Pokemon 2000, again. Ahh, nostalgia.

    TR: Cheap rental costumes.

    I still wish Ash caught an Absol. Of course, it's not like he NEEDS another powerhouse Pokemon.moreless
  • Absol-ute Awesome!

    This was defiantly an awesome episode! Absol is an awesome Pokemon and he makes this a very good episode. This episode was puzzling at first but once it was about half way over you start to put the pieces together and you get the episode. One of the best parts was all of the pokemon aiming thier attacks at the boulder. A Veryy good episode!
  • Absol-utely fabulous!

    Pokemon just never gets old! Only then can Absol save Riado Town with the help of Ash & Co, and their new friends, Nicky and Gordon. This episode was fabulous because Ash, May, and Brock's Pokemon all used a unique attack of their own.


    Ash's Pokemon

    Pikachu: Thunderbolt

    Grovyle: Bullet Seed

    Corphish: Bubblebeam

    Torkoal: Flamethrower


    May's Pokemon

    Combusken: Fire Spin

    Beautifly: Silver Wind

    Skitty: Blizzard

    Bulbasaur: Petal Dance


    Brock's Pokemon

    Mudkip: Water Gun

    Ludicolo: Bullet Seed

    It couldn't have gotten worse!

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