Season 5 Episode 33

As Clear as Crystal

Aired Saturday 8:30 AM Apr 12, 2003 on Cartoon Network

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  • Ash and gang meet a pokémon magicion and help her out by finding the fings she needs to make a spell so that people and pokémon can learn through eachothers mind However Ash ends up turning into a pikachu and contiues next ep

    It is a very good episode and i beleive it is one of my favorites. Just one look at this episode you'll see why so many people watch pokémon. The episode ends on a cliff-hanger so you will not know what is comming next. the pokémon company only make cliff-hangers in gym battle ep's to make the tension of a result or somthing on those lines.
    The fact that The lead character becomes a pokémon is why i beleve this episode is one of a kind and exactly why i watch pokémon. This is just one of the early pokémon episodes which is very good and intersesting. also i did not give it a 10 because it features a stereotypical british person. the british do not have them accsents featured in this episode and the episode "A Staravia is Born!" in the diamond and pearl episodes of pokemon.
  • Yes! This episode features my all-time favorite Pokemon...Zapdos!!!!

    I really wish I had seen this episode of Pokemon. Unfortunately, I only saw the last part of it. It featured Zapdos, which is my favorite Pokemon hands-down!! There aren't too many people I know who like thunder and lightning as much as I do. But those who DO enjoy thunderstorms as much as me can understand why Zapdos is such a cool Pokemon. It may very well be able to create thunderstorms like the ones that often occur here on Earth. If I had to pick two favorite Pokemon Types, I would pick thunder and flying. These are the two Pokemon Types that Zapdos is classified under.
  • 30 minutes - Stereo - Closed Captioning

    After the crazy misadventure with the magician a while back, the gang travels about. Ash still being a Pikachu, After a few moments into the episode, Ash reverts back into a human again. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted. After a whiles walk, the gang get an encounter from two random people that look like door-to-door contest people. The two people soon reveal a chair of some kind and says that you must put an electric Pokemon in it. Ash simply puts Pikachu on there and soon the chair clamps Pikachu in place. The two people were in fact, Team Rocket!

    They hop away with Pikachu on their balloon. Ash says to give the balloon a Thunder Bolt, but the electricity seems to be focused somewhere... Towards some gizmo on the chair! A light soon lights up as the electricity continues. However, it seems that Pikachu can\'t stop the Thunder Bolt as it seems to draw away the electricty! Ash knows this, but what about that series of lights on the gadget that light up? Ash says to Pikachu to give it his all. Soon all the lights are up and the chair explodes, sending Pikachu down, and Team Rocket away. Ash successfly catches Pikachu, but Pikachu seems exhausted from all that electricty used.

    The gang go off in search for a Pokemon Center or someone who can help Pikachu. They eventually run into by passer. They ask her where they can take Pikachu to get healed nearby, the woman knows a place and decided to lead them to it. The woman\'s name is Tsubasa, she works around here to study a lake that seems to have a mystery of its own. When they get to the lake she studies, she simply says to place Pikachu in the water. The water has the ability to rejuvinate all electric Pokemon. She points to a group of electric Pokemon that\'s just on the other side. After a while, Tsubasa gives them a boat ride to the center of the lake. She opens up a panel on the floor and underneath is glass, showing a crsytal on a temple stand. She explains that the crystal is the source of this energy. Little did they realize that Team Rocket is down there, in their Tentacruel suit snatching this crystal. It was soon an accomplished mission, the glow that it was producing died down.

    The gang noticed this when they were on the shore, Tsubasa knew that there was something wrong with the crystal. Then Team Rocket laughs as they stand near them on the shore with their prize. They say their motto and soon get a ride on their balloon. The electric Pokemon there soon start to attack Team Rocket, but somethings not right... The electricity is being absorbed by a machine on the bottom of their balloon! Then all of a sudden, something breaks the connection between the Pokemon and the machine. All of a sudden it gets dark and cloudy, then Zapdos appears! Team Rocket gaze upon this and simply laugh, feeling like they can take this Pokemon on. Zapdos soon fires a bolt electricity towards them, the bolt being directed towards the machine. Soon Zapdos is caught in their little trap, but the machine can only take so much electricty as it soon catches up the balloon and finally explodes. Though this sends Team Rocket blasting off again, it drained most of the energy off of Zapdos!

    Everyone tries to help Zapdos out, but Tsubasa says the only way is to get the crystal back. With that, the gang search off to find Team Rocket. Back where Team Rocket is, they bask in their success of obtaining the crystal. They daydream on and on about what to do with it. Jesse, being the most open-minded, dreams about making just about everything to have with the crystal. Their little dreaming ended when Ash found them. They soon try to head off on their balloon but Ash sends out Bayleef to try to grab the Crystal. James sends out Victreebel to grab it as well. With that going on, Jesse releases Arbok to take on the group. Ash has Pikachu fend of Arbok and Team Rocket with a Thunder Bolt, which Victreebel releases the crystal. After that, the Rockets soon blast off again.

    After retrieving the crystal, Ash goes off and sets it back in place. As he comes back up... the crystal is still dead. Knowing what to do, Pikachu goes into the water and swims to the crystal, giving it a shock. It works, but only for a while. Soon all the electric Pokemon go down there to power up the crystal. While this is happening, the gang and Tsubasa help Zapdos into the water. After a moment, the crystal has enough power to revive Zapdos! When Zapdos wakes up, it soon releases a huge bolt of electricity, powering up the crystal. Soon Zapdos flies off, and everything seems back to normal.

    Far away at another cliff, Team Rocket hang from a branch. They sulk for a while, before Zapdos comes along and electrocutes them.
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