Season 8 Episode 38

At the End of the Fray

Aired Saturday 8:30 AM Mar 25, 2006 on Cartoon Network
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At the End of the Fray
Ash and Tyson continue their battle. With progressing to the Top 4 on the line both trainers are more determined then ever to win. Who will ultimately win and progress onto the Top 4 and possible victory in the tournament?

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  • Ash Vs. Tyson!

    Well, this is the final episode of the Hoenn League Championships. Ash\'s battle with Tyson was great but I hated how my beloved Glalie was knocked out so easily! I hated that Ash didn\'t win though. He lost in the Indigo League, won the Orange League, lost in the Johto League and then lost here! It is time for a win Ash! Otherwise a good episode.
  • Note that I gave this ep. a bad grade because I plain didn't like how it turned out.


    I mean, the Hoen League was pretty good tournament. The battles were really tough and there was constant double knock-outs, left and right. That hasn't happened before in the history of the show.

    However, since it seems like the Hoen Adventures will be the last in the series, they should have ended up a lot differently.

    I mean, Ash should have made it a lot farther. He made it to the top 16 his first time and to the top 8 in Johto. He should have made it to the next round at least. That makes it seem like he hasn't improved at all, despite the fact he used all new Pokémon [except Pikachu of course]. Sure, it proves that he make it just as far with relatively new Pokémon...

    I was absolutely destroyed and now furious that in the end, Ash only made it to the top 8. Sure, he could have made it to the top 4, or even the top two and still lost and I'd be happy.

    But if he's gonna be a Pokémon master, and it's close to the end of the series [at least I think], I'd think the writers would make it seem like he's getting closer to that position.

    In my mind, the best end for the series is:

    Ash Ketchum becomes the # 1 trainer at the Pokémon League competition, basking in the glow of glory he had sought for so many years: end of story.

    But of course, I'm a die-hard Ash Ketchum fan and I feel like he was robbed of a great victory that'd take him to the top. It's not that I don't like the show in general, it's just personal.moreless
  • Ash VS Tyson

    Ash faces Tyson for the next match and this match is batter and more intesrting than the last ones to bad Ash but it is Okay he give it all he had and give out a good battle I hope they make more good battles and this ends the hoenen league.
  • This leads up to the end of Hoenn

    This Episode i have got ot say is one of the most actioned packed since the Johto League, because every time Ash and Tyson's pokemon made a move like thunderbolt or flamethrower they collided together. The only thing that makes me mad is that Ash lost against Tyson but this episode proves pokemon is steal a top prime
  • and the winner is.....

    Get the juicy bit out of the way, Tetsuya beats Ash in the final round. The bad thing about this episode was that they finished every round in one episode. and how did glalie and sceptile both get knocked out when their beams clashed two seconds after the fight. O well though the battle was good while it lasted.

    Meowth supported Tetsuya's hihgly and team rocket was 'fired' form their job after a sinister plot.

    Back tothe match, glalie and sceptile tied; torkoal beat shiftry; hariyama beat torkoal; hariyama also beat corphish; swellow beat hariyama; swellow beat donphan; metagross beat swellow and grovyle; pikachu beat metagross; and meowth defeated pikachu in the final match-up.

    and in the end tetsuya took the Hoenn league crown! good for him but in the end the Hoenn league was just like the Johot league in terms of him having 2 rivals, beats one and looses to another.

    Not the best but a special place in my heart!moreless
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