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Season 11 Episode 49

Barry's Busting Out All Over!

Aired Saturday 8:30 AM Apr 11, 2009 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

Ash and friends finally arrive back in Hearthome City so that Ash can have his rematch with Hearthome City Gym Leader Fantina. On the way to the gym a trainer runs into him. He quickly runs off, leaving his badge case on the ground. As he can't have his battle with Fantina just yet, he tries to find the owner. In the park he again runs into Barry, the trainer the case belongs too. Barry reveals that he knows about Ash from the Tag Team Tournament. He then starts talking about how he idolizes Paul and wants his pokémon to be just like Paul's. Ash is upset with this, and challenges him to a battle. However, first Barry must go get his pokémon from a pokémon stand where some people watch your pokémon. However, it turns out to be just a scam by Team Rocket. After that is taken care of, Ash and Barry begin their battle.moreless

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  • Ash finally reaches Hearthome City for his rematch against Fantina but he bumps into who? None other than the rival from the Diamond/Pearl/ Platinum games, Barry!

    Nice episode! This Pokemon episode features someone that you will surely remember from the Diamond/Pearl/ Platinum games and who is it? He has a fiery and impatient attitude who cannot stand still for 10 seconds, you fight him a few times in the game sometimes when you run into him and his starter Pokemon has an advantage over your player's starter Pokemon! Who is it? None other than your rival and his name is Barry! Okay, I was shocked when I first heard that this episode was aired and the fact well, the rival's name is Barry just like Barry from Resident Evil lol, and they are VERY different in a few ways. Anyways, in this episode Ash finally reaches Hearthome City once again for a rematch with the gym leader Fantina!(Sorry I haven't been catching up with the anime lately and I didn't quite know that he was already fighting for his 5th gym badge, but he lost because of Fantina's Pokemon move Hypnosis right?) And you won't believe who Ash runs into, it was Barry! Okay, you can see that he is SUPER impatient just like his counterpart in the game as it was hilarious seeing him say like you have 10 seconds to pay up a fine or something like that and then he counts it down and says don't just stand there! One specific scene is where Ash accidently bumps into Barry after he exits the gym and it was HILARIOUS and that was my favourite scene! Okay, the main thing is Ash is shocked to find out that Barry admires Paul and wants to be like him so Ash battles him to ensure that he is wrong. In the end, Ash does win the battle of course and proves Barry to be wrong, but Barry says he just got lucky and then Ash invites him to the Hearthome Gym to watch his fight against Fantina! Will Ash be victorious?? Find out in the next episode! It was really nice to see Barry in this episode from the games as he really acts like his game counterpart and he was interesting in the episode as well although he was kinda rude as well to Dawn, he called her a hopeless geeky trainer who could not stand up to Paul if you want to know why. Poor Dawn. Ha ha!moreless
  • As Season 12 keeps getting closer, the episodes just keep getting better!

    Finally arriving back in Hearthome City, Ash darts straight to the Hearthome Gym, only to "THUD!!" directly into an orange clothed stranger in a hurry. The stranger dashes off, but accidentally leaves his badge case behind. Fantina then emerges from the gym, telling Ash that their battle will have to wait a little while longer, as she's been battling trainers all day, and her Pokemon need to rest. So Ash and comp. decide to return the badge case to it's owner. Looking for the stranger, he and Ash have another "THUD!!" experience. After taking his badge case back, introductions are made, and the stranger is revealed to be Barry from Twinleaf Town. He says that he remembers Ash from the Hearthome Tag Battles, and looks upon Paul as his idol, using all of his battling stratgies. This ticks Ash off, and he challeges Barry to a battle...

    As Season 12 approaches, the episodes just keep getting better! Barry, the rival from the Diamond/Pearl/Platinum games, finally makes his anime debut, and James' Cacnea is mentioned and is revealed to have mastered Drain Punch. Not to mention that Ash and Barry have an intense 3-on-3 battle! And with Ash's official gym battle with Fantina coming up next, you can most certainly bet that I'll stay turned for that!moreless
  • "All good things must wait!" Greetings from Cacnea? Earth to James! A new foe calls Dawn "Geeky?" "What was that?"

    So, Ash and friends gets to Harthome, to face Fantina the Gym Leader and a knock on Ash's head resulted in a new foe in 9, 8, 7, 6....

    The foe, just missed the Gym Badge Case and ran away, while Fantina shows up at the Gym's door, to greet Ash (Brock snub?), but some bad news came. Fantina will not challege Ash on this episode and as she says "All good things must wait," Ash and friends gets back to the Pokemon center, but not without a clash encounter with the new foe, who realized that Ash stole the Gym Badge Case he left at the Gym.

    However, the foe starts claiming that Ash was the one from the tag battle with Paul, then Dawn realizes that the foe is Barry, who she met at another competition and still Barry can't recall the past events. Only, that Barry calls Dawn a "Geeky trainer that lost to Paul." Yet Brock reminded Barry that he was also a the event, but still Barry forgot about it and even forgot Brock's name! Still Barry can't remember a single thing that happened in the last 2 Seasons of Diamond and Pearls!

    Of course, Barry tries to challenge Ash and warns that he has 10 seconds and starts the countdown. However, Dawn realizes that Barry got a new gadget called "Poke-Watch" (Similar to the coin tossser?), then Barry blames "Geeky" on loosing the countdown to battle. By the way her name is D-A-W-N! Still Barry wants to battle, so Ash calls Chimchar, then Barry realized that Ash has Paul's Chimchar and ask if he traded the Pokemon to Paul, but remember that Ash got Chimchar, after Paul let it go. Barry makes fun of Ash, trying to be like Paul, but Ash takes it with a bad attitude. After another argument on who's like Paul, Barry tries to get out his Pokemon, but forgot that he already left the Pokemon in a storage.

    So, Barry and Ash goes to the storage and guess who is in charge! Team Rocket is running a "storage to steal Pokemon" scheme. Let the Wubba sing! Here comes Barry and Ash to reclaim the Pokeballs he left. Team Rocket reacts nervously and retreats without the knowdlege of the others. At the same time, Fantina shows up and after greeting Ash and friends, she wonders what kind of store or storage is that. She claims that she never heard of that, raising Barry's eyebrows. Barry again, yells to the Rockets to return the Pokemon he left, then the storage falls apart and reveals the Team Rocket's Balloon.

    Barry yells "Who are you for real?" Team Rocket starts with the same motto... "Stop, enough already! I got it! Jesse, James and Meowth, Wow!" yells Barry. Fantina ask what is that people do, so Dawn has to explain that Team Rocket is the same crocks that steal Pokemon. The Rockets escapes and Ash sends Gliscor to their balloon, but not without being fighted by Seviper and Carnivine. Fantina also sents MissMagius and knocks Seviper down, while Ash's Gliscor, breaks Team Rocket's balloon.

    Barry tries to save his Pokeballs and gets one of them. Now, Team Rocket is challenging both Ash and Dawn to a battle, both Pikachu and Piplup are being threatened by Seviper, so Barry enters with his Pokemon, an Empoleon that can knock down Seviper with hydro-cannon! Barry tells that his Empoleon learned the attack to win the Forest Badge from Gardenia, but he claims that it was hard to battle against Gardenia's Cacnea. That caused James, the former owner of Cacnea, to go on a flashback moment! "Oh please! Tell me more about my Cacnea!" Oh James, you forgot you left Cacnea for good?

    The flashback got interrupted by Meowth and Wubbafet! The fighting resumed, between Seviper and Carnivine againt Pikachu and Piplup. The last 2 well took down The Rockets Pokemon, now it comes to Barry's Empoleon to make Team Rocket blast with a "Bravooo!" from Fantina!

    Later, Ash and Barry where talking about the future challenges and Barry starts worring about how to get a stronger Pokemon in a similar fashion to Paul, which makes Ash upset. Barry then again ask Ash to battle, so back to the prior challenge, Ash gets Chimchar and Barry sends Staraptor to battle. The stronger Staraptor, gets in a crazy fight with Chimchar, but ends with some fiery attack from Ash's side. Staraptor looses to Chimchar and now, Barry sends Roserade with some poisonjab to beat the poor "Chimey!"

    Ash sends Gliscor against Roserade and since Gliscor is a good fighter, so it is Barry's Pokemon, resulting in a double defeat on both sides. Now, Ash decided to send Pikachu and Barry sends Empoleon to battle. Even Dawn questions the Electric vs Water type battle. Is ovbious that we know who is going to win this fierce battle....

    "You can do it Pikachu!" So, it's Pikachu who beats Empoleon and Barry get's to claim that he is so strong and can beat Ash soon! Ash challenges Barry to watch him, beat Fantina at the Gym. So the next day, Ash shows at the Hearthome Gym awaiting to re-challenge Fantina, but as Fantina says "All good things have to wait till next week!"moreless

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