Season 1 Episode 15

Battle Aboard The St. Anne

Aired Saturday 8:30 AM Sep 28, 1998 on Cartoon Network
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Battle Aboard The St. Anne

Ash, Misty, and Brock head to Vermilion Port where the SS Anne, an international cruise liner, is docked. Receiving free tickets from a mysterious duo (who are actually Jessie and James) for a Pokémon Trainer party aboard the SS Anne, they board the ship filled with anticipation of good food and lots of Pokémon excitement. Aboard the ship bustling with Pokémon Trainers, Ash meets a distinguished gentleman who suggests they make a Pokémon trade. Ash exchanges his Butterfree for the gentleman's Raticate. Just then, the SS Anne is taken over by Team Rocket who had arranged the party as a ploy to steal Pokémon.


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  • Awsomeeeee


  • Great start to the next three-parter

    Team Rocket's Rocking! A very strong episode to open a very strong three-part arc. Team Rocket taking over St./SS Anne is certainly a departure from the games, and the ending is quite the downer... However I really cannot get over Team Rocket's disguises, particularly James who really does make a convincing Teenage girl. The dialogue was a bit too 1990's but that really didn't detract from the episode.
  • Ash & Co. get tickets to ride in the S.S Anne but little do they know is that this ship ride is a plot by the Team Rocket Organization.

    Ash wins tickets to the S.S Anne & Ash & Co. decide to head inside. Little do they know is that Team Rocket is waiting to steal all the Pokemon inside. Ash battles a gentleman with a Raticate. Seeing its power, Ash trades Butterfree for Raticate. Meanwhile, Team Rocket's plot is underway. Team Rocket Grunts appear, stealing all of the Pokeballs. Ash & Co. interrupt the operation by using their Pokemon to defeat them. Ash calls out his Butterfree but Raticate comes out, already forgot Ash? The explosive battle causes the ship to go overboard. As everyone escapes, Ash trades Raticate back for Butterfree. James buys a Magikarp froma salesman & the Pokeball ends up rolling away from the ship sinking. James manages to retrieve the Pokeball back. Ash & Co., along Jessie, James, and Meowth, end up trapped in the doomed S.S Anne.moreless
  • Pretty good episode.

    I thought that this installment of Pokémon was pretty good. The story was well written and it touched on a couple of things, getting scammed in trades like James did, and trading your Pokémon for other Pokémon. I found James to be pretty funny in this episode, it was probably the most funniest performance by any of the characters up until this 15th episode of the series. It was so funny to see him get scammed like that. Another thing that this episode tried to do was touch on a more serious note when Ash realizes that he may not have made the right choice in trading Pokémon with the showing of the flashbacks which leads to Ash making a trade back.moreless
  • Originally aired as a preview. Great decision since a lot of action and excitement is here!

    This episode is action packed and exciting because of the Team Rocket Grunts taking control of the St. Anne! It was awesome to see the Team Rocket Grunts debut here and act more aggressive than the current Team Rocket members we know so far. Also, meeting "the mysterious boss" was kind of cool too, since we know who's the mastermind behind of Team Rocket's activities.

    This episode is also hysterical because James bought a Golden Magikarp. Though it looks rare, Magikarp is incapable of doing a thing, so James just wasted away Jess' money for something not valued.

    The gentleman makes an appearance here, along with his lovely wife. Very cool as well, but him having a Raticate doesn't pretty much fit for him since all Gentelmen's in the gsmes does own a Growlithe. But as there's a saying "Anime =\ games".

    Too bad this episode ended in a cliffhanger because I wanted to see what'd happened next! But anyone noticed HOW the Gentlemen managed to escape? I can imagine him jumping off the ship. lolmoreless
Maddie Blaustein

Maddie Blaustein


Guest Star

Eric Stuart

Eric Stuart

Kanto Pokédex, Magikarp Salesman

Recurring Role

Ted Lewis (II)

Ted Lewis (II)


Recurring Role

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