Season 12 Episode 20

Battling a Cute Drama!

Aired Saturday 8:30 AM Sep 26, 2009 on Cartoon Network
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On the way to Snowpoint City, Ash and friends stop in a town where they meet a girl named Marylin who only likes cute Pokémon. After she insults Dawn's Piplup, Dawn challenges her to a battle, but Marylin is more concerned by how "cute" and "valiant" her Pokémon act in battle rather than whether they win or lose, or even get hurt. Brock gets upset by this, so not long after the battle is over, he challenges Marylin to a battle himself to try to show her that it's the bond between Pokémon and Trainer that really counts.moreless

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  • It's cuteness chaos in this weird but unexpectedly good episode.

    Continuing onward to Snowpoint City, Ash and friends stop in a Pokemon Center where Buneary gets the fluff hugged out of it by a girl named Marylin, who declares that she only likes cute Pokemon, and sets her own rules to that determine whether a Pokemon is "cute" in her eyes. After insulting Piplup by saying it doesn't fit in the "cute category", Dawn, who is pissed off by that remark, challanges her to a battle.

    The battle being one-on-one, Dawn uses Buneary while Marylin sends out a Cherubi. Brock declares the start of the battle, but Marylin would rather admire her Cherubi's "cuteness" for a few more minutes rather than make the first move. As a result, Buneary takes the lead by slamming Cherubi dead-on with a Dizzy Punch. Instead of being upset, however, Marylin marvals at the look of "valiance" Cherubi displays when it gets hurt and continues to battle. Brock gets upset by this, and as the battle continues on, Marylin finally decides to get serious and has Cherubi knock out Buneary in seconds.

    While Team Rocket decide to steal all of Marylin's cute Pokemon, Brock continues to fume about the way Marylin acted with her Pokemon in-battle. Deciding to show Marylin that it's the bond between Pokemon and Trainer that really counts, Brock challenges Marylin to a battle himself...

    This episode was better than I expected. Marylin was certainly a "unique" character of the day; annoying at first, but Brock knocked some sense into her at the end. Speaking of which, it was nice that Brock got some more focus for once. Overall, I thought the episode as a whole was... unique. Oh yeah, and yayz for Ash and comp. getting their Platinum cloths.moreless
  • An alright episode!

    Not the best but a good episode. The girl named Marylin and is all about cuteness. She really doesn't care about her Pokemon she really only cares about their beauty and cute moves. Dawn fought her and lost but Marylin didn't care if her Pokemon got hurt or anything. Team Rocket planned a plan to steal her Pokemon. Meanwhile Brock get mad because Pokemon isn't about beauty it's about their connection to the trainers and Brock fights Marylin. I'm actually glad that they actually focused on Brock this time. After that Team Rocket failed their plan and blasted off. Marylin understood Brock and became more no more cuteness girl. In the end Ash and the gang receive their Platinum clothes. I'm actually glad they finally got it. Can't wait till next episode!!moreless
  • Who says Shellder ain't cute?!

    This was an interesting episode regarding Pokemon Cuteness. I foun the concept to be very interesting, as we came across a Pkoemon Trainer who likes only cute Pokemon wihch are non-evolved and are below 2 feet in height!

    The Pokemon battling was very interesting, particularly watching the adorable Happiny of Brock's! Happiny must surely be one of the cutest Pokemon, alongside Piplup! Although I also find Cubchoo very adorable!

    Team Rocket's scheme this time was under0funded! Those people seem to always complain of their financial woes, yet they seem to come up with fancy gadgetts most of the time, but not today!

    All up, a lot of inetersting things about this episode, I would recommend it for that sreason! Can't wait for the next one, a great job with this one!moreless
Bella Hudson

Bella Hudson


Guest Star

Michele Knotz

Michele Knotz

Nurse Joy, Sinnoh Pokédex

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Piplup is nowhere to be seen when Dawn is holding the box of cloths and walking to the bench, but is shown near the box when the screen zooms in to it and the bench.

    • Ash, Dawn, and Brock receive winter clothes in this episode. Ash and Brock get jackets that are similar to Lucas' from Platinum, while Dawn receives the entire outfit of her game counterpart in Platinum, minus the new pink hair clips. Dawn is also the first person to have traveled with Ash to receive a new outfit while still traveling with him.

  • QUOTES (1)

    • Dawn: (Marylin just insulted Piplup) Did I hear you right?!
      Marylin: Come, come, Dawny! Smile!
      Dawn: Excuse me, it's Dawn!
      Marylin: Dawny is much cuter. So starting today, you're name is Dawny.
      Dawn: Huh? Sounds like another one of your rules!
      Marylin: I'd love to have a battle with you and your Buneary. What do you say, Dawny?
      Dawn: A battle, huh? Fine! I'd just love to have a battle with you!
      Marylin: Oh, Dawny! This will be great! Yippee! Yay! I'll be waiting for you Dawny, at the ring! (walks away)
      Dawn: That ditzy Marylin annoys me to no end! Piplup, I'll get her back for sure!

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