Season 1 Episode 18

Beauty and the Beach

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Beauty and the Beach
Ash and the others arrive in beautiful Porta Vista, a beach town that has everything you could think of. They decide to rent a boat and they end up colliding with Team Rocket’s submarine, destroying a nearby dock. They end up working in the owner’s restaurant to pay off the debt, while Team Rocket wind up working in the neighboring restaurant. The two restaurants are rivals and Brutella’s is threatening Moe’s business. Ash and the others try to help Moe, but Team Rocket try to ruin Moe’s business and jack up his debt to Brutella. When Professor Oak and Delia show up, they reveal there is going to be a beauty contest which has a large amount of money as the prize. Misty and Delia decide to enter to try and win the money for Moe. Not aired in the United States.moreless

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  • yikes

    It might actually be a good thing the dub took a blowtorch to this episode as James's inflatable boobs might have either A: grossed everyone out Or B: given everyone nightmares for life.

    Grade (Dub) B (Japan) C-
  • Wow, edited heavily in the dubbed version... No proof of James in the Beauty Contest at all.

    This episode must've offended 4Kids a lot. If they're wasting a lot of time editing everything in all episodes they've dubbed so far, why not paint-edit this one too? That scene is when James has big "boobs" and shows them off to Misty. That was meant for humor, not to offend anyone! I wnated to see him win, but they didn't anyways.

    This episode was a true classic. Team Rocket helping Brutella just for the sake of getting more customers in her restaurant is really weird. It's a rarity to see them help someone for a bad cause.

    Gary later shows up in the contest with his cheerleaders and begins to mock Ash in public. I laughed so hard I couldn't believe he was humiliated by his rival.

    Overall, this episode is not worth watching it considering the good humor is butchered by 4Kids.moreless
  • A definate step up from the last two installments.

    This episode of Pokémon was a definate step up from the previous two episodes. For a little while there I thought that this show was starting to take a dive but the makers of this episode proved me with this installment. The thing about this episode was that it actually had a good story unlike the previous two episodes. I won't say that it is one of the best episodes, because it isn't but I will say that it was well written and featured some very good voice-over work just like evry other episode but what I really liked is how they went back to the basics with this episode unlike the last episode.moreless
  • This episode was shown in the US in a simple cut version, and was originally called "Beauty and the Beach". Many scenes were cut out, most importantly the part where they gave James an offfensive "nature" where it cannot be devulged here.moreless

    Watching this episode in a simple cut version really confused by many, supposenly so. The japanese gave James... you know, so he can look like a real women. I've never experienced such thing at all as I thought the series meant battles, not showing off your... you know. At least it was cut oof for the english version.
  • Lost episode

    Ash firsts tries to work at a resturant and customers flock to it. Team Rocket then sabotages it and the customers go away. Disappointed, Ash goes to Professor Oak and his mom. They tell him of a swimsuit competition for girls and for pokemon. Ash enters Misty who for pokemon, dresses Squirtle like an alien and Starmie as the UFO. She is greeted in the competition by Jesse and James.
Jimmy Zoppi

Jimmy Zoppi


Guest Star

Kayzie Rogers

Kayzie Rogers


Guest Star

Stan Hart

Stan Hart

Professor Oak

Recurring Role

Veronica Taylor

Veronica Taylor


Recurring Role

Jimmy Zoppi

Jimmy Zoppi

Gary Oak

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • This episode was banned due to James' inflatable body suit. However, it later aired in a heavily edited format.

    • This marks the debut of Team Rocket's Gyarados submarine. Although due to the episode being dubbed later, its first appearance in the dub was in a later episode.

    • Brock refers to Starmie as Staryu.

    • The scene where Moe and Charmander were cooking, Meowth pumps some gasoline into the grill, so it'd explode in front of them. If you taped this episode, use slow motion on the scene when Meowth is still pumping, you'll see that the tank he's pumping from says oil and gas for a brief second, then it vanishes.

  • QUOTES (3)

    • Misty: The boat's beautiful. Who does it belong to?
      Ash: I don't know, Brock's the one who borrowed it. I guess he has some pretty rich friends.
      Brock: Ash, I didn't borrow it.
      Misty: You were the one who told me to come on board.
      Ash: Only after I saw Brock get on.
      Brock: Hey, wait a second. I was only following Pikachu.

    • (Ash, Brock, and Pikachu are in awe)
      Misty: What's wrong?
      Ash: Nothing. It's just weird seeing you looking like a girl.
      Misty: Wha!? (blushing, angered) Well see how weird this looks!
      (Misty throws the beach ball at Ash's face, thus causing him to sink underwater)

    • Jessie: Sorry, but we're going to win!
      Misty: James, aren't you a boy?
      James: Boy, girl, doesn't matter as long as I'm beautiful.
      Jessie: Don't waste our time and bug off. (Jessie motions Misty to leave)
      James: I can even make my chest bigger. (James inflates breasts. Misty's eyes bulge out.) Finished!
      Brock: Suddenly, two mistresses appeared. They don't think their sudden appearance is rude. How will the judges react? (Everyone cheers!) Everything is okay. They are welcome.
      (Misty starts crying)
      Jessie: How's that?
      James: Wait until your older, (holding the breast balloons) so you will have these. Then come and compete.

      -The infamous cut scene.

  • NOTES (5)

    • When this episode was finally dubbed, many changes were made. At the end, Ash's name is on the trophy because he helped save everyone, while in the original version the winner was unknown and Delia was just holding the trophy. In the dub version Moe says that Misty reminds him of his granddaughter while in the original version he talks about "having fun" with her when she is older. The most famous edit comes from the middle of the episode and it the reason for the episode being banned. In the original version James is wearing an inflatable bikini is two scenes, both are cut from the dub.

    • This is the first episode to feature Maddie Blaustein as the voice of Meowth. However, this is due to this episode not being dubbed until two years later then the rest of the series.

    • This episode aired only twice in the U.S. and is yet to be released on DVD.

    • This Episode Is Known As "The Lost Episode".

    • This episode was aired with the Orange Islands theme song.


    • James: We'll hit the beach with our Gyarados sub, scare the wallets out of those beach bums, and live the lifestyles of the rich and infamous!

      This is possibly a reference to the reality television show Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. It ran from March 31, 1984 to September 2, 1995.

    • Title Pun: Beauty and the Beast

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