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Season 2 Episode 10

Bye Bye Psyduck

Aired Saturday 8:30 AM Feb 26, 2000 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

Bye Bye Psyduck

While Pikachu, Togepi and Psyduck are sleeping on Lapras' back, Psyduck slips off and into the water. Everyone searches for Psyduck but they can't find it. Meanwhile, a girl named Marina finds Psyduck and thankfully finds Misty. Psyduck's tail begins to glow and Marina says that is a sign that it should be ready to evolve. Since Marina is a water-type trainer, the two girls decide to have a battle. During the battle, when Misty goes to use Psyduck, she notices the pokéball is empty. She asks Ash to throw her bag to her, but he doesn't throw far enough and it lands in the water. When Misty goes to recover her bag, there is a Golduck hanging from it. She believes it to be hers and is super excited to use it. However, Golduck may not be all that it seems. Meanwhile, Team Rocket is planning on stealing Golduck.


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  • Ash and the gang meet another trainer that speciallises in water Pokemon and Misty's Psyduck is gonna evolve soon??

    Great episode!! In this episode, Ash and the gang meet another trainer named Marina who is like Misty that speciallises in water Pokemon. Also, is Misty's Psyduck finally going to evolve?? This episode was a cleverly plotted and kinda a character development for Misty and her water Pokemon. Marina was a really TOUGH Pokemon trainer as the water Pokemon she used are also two types like her Tentacreul is a water and poison type for example. She even has another Psyduck that is soooooooooooooooo different from Misty's one....... I like the funny parts where Misty and Marina kept saying that they LOVE water Pokemon and the part where Misty threw out an empty Poke ball.........that is sooooooo not like her, and she's also kinda a bossy moose if you know what I mean. At one part of the episode, thought that Misty's Psyduck had evovled into Goldduck, but at the end of the episode, it turns out to be a wild one instead and Misty's Psyduck was resting in its Poke ball all the time!!!! Poor Misty......... Would recommend this episode to everyone to watch as it was cleverly plotted!!!

    Final Grade:Amoreless
  • The three adventurers are relaxin a bit when suddenly psyduck is missing. A girl named Marina found him and gave him back. She says that psyduck is nearly evolving because of his tail who is flashing. Misty and marina begin to duel for fun.moreless

    Great episode! I love this one, it is really exciting and still has its sense of humor. This one sure is one of my personal favorites. When golduck sends away team rocket with the hyper beam it rocks a lot. spectacular action and still that peacefull scenery does it all. It's what the pokemon magic is all about. The writers are excellent at combining the happyness and peaceful scenery with that spectacular action scenes. I watched this episode when I was at elementary school, now im in 6th grade and I saw it again 4 days ago. And yet again I loved it!moreless
  • Golduck mistakes Misty as her evolved Psyduck.

    One of the coolest episodes ever to be seen. It's about a Golduck that hangs around with Misty for a while, making herself a mistake person because she thought that her Psyduck evolved into a Golduck when her Psyduck was inside her Pokeball. Poor thing using it to battle Marina's Tentacruel, but she learned that Goldick hangs around with girls to impress them.

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