Season 1 Episode 4

Challenge of the Samurai

Aired Saturday 8:30 AM Sep 11, 1998 on Cartoon Network
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Challenge of the Samurai
Ash and Misty are now wandering through Viridian Forest. A Samurai challenges Ash to a battle, and it turns out to be Metapod vs. Metapod. After a short time, a swarm of Beedrill attacks, and Ash's Metapod is taken by them. Can Ash get his Pokémon back from them or will it be doomed to live its life without Ash?moreless

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  • what were the writers thinking(major spoilers)

    yup this one has it all IN THE STUPIDITY department!!! I mean in the history of the ENTIRE SHOW(and i have seen it all some more than once) this is both the stupidest and funniest episode. I mean the samurai and ash go at it like two goats at mating season and neither one wanting to relent. Misty seemingly FOR SOME REASON attracting the very type she hates(don't ask me why) and both misty and pikachu maxin' and relaxin' while this um stupidity oh sorry battle goes on both funny and stupid. soooo all in all who was the writer and WHAT WERE THEY THINKING!!!!???moreless
  • Metapod vs Metapod

    My votes on Metapod to win! Don't want to spoil too much of the episode if you haven't seen it already but it is good and Metapod evolves to Butterfree.
  • a good episode

    in this episode Ash and Misty are now wandering through Viridian Forest and run into a wantabe samurai and Ash battles him and its a Metapod vs. Metapod boring battle and leave a army of upset beedrill and kidnapp Ash's metapod and later ash learn that the wantabee samurai battle Ash's riavls for his hometown and later learns for Metapod Ash sure be more active of his acts and to save ash metapaod evolves into a beautiful awesome Butterfree and saves the day and the gang leave the Viridian Forest and Samurai decide to keep doing his training and some other stuffmoreless
  • Ash has his newley evolved Metapod battle another trainers Metapod but gets it stolen by a bunch of Beedrill. It soon evolves into Butterfree.

    Ash & Misty continue through Viridian Forest & they run into a trainer named Samurai. He then battles Ash 1 on 1. Ash uses Metapod while Samurai uses Metapod. Both trainers tell their Pokemon to use Harden, which isn't even an attack! So Misty & Pikachu wait, and wait, and nothing happens. The battle lasts for what it seems like ages. The battle ends but then Ash's Metapod is taken by Beedrill, mistaking it for a Kakuna. Ash is forced to wait & until the next day, he sets out to get it. Team Rocket are attacked by the Beedrill & when Ash tries to get Metapod, it is cut by Beedrill but then Butterfree emerges from it & it defeats the Beedrill. Ash departs from Samurai & he & Misty continue towards Pewter City.moreless
  • Nothing really happened.

    I don't know, there was just something about episodes 3 and 4 here that just doesn't seem right, they aren't very adventurous. Sure, Ash had his first battle with another trainer and it also featured Team Rocket chasing Ash all over the place after his Pikachu. Although, it seemed like more than half of the episode was all about those Beedrills going after Ash.

    Although I don't think that there is that much adventure in this episode, it is better than trying to cram as much as possible into one episode and overdoing it, so in reality, it wasn't that bad.moreless

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