Season 9 Episode 37

Channeling The Battle Zone!

Aired Saturday 8:30 AM Dec 13, 2006 on Cartoon Network
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Channeling The Battle Zone!
As May and Drew continue their battle, Drew quickly gains a lead with a new combo move. As the battle progresses, May manages to finally defeat Flygon with Squritle. However, her victory is soon spoiled as Absol quickly takes out Squirtle. Combusken and Absol continue to battle with neither side letting down. During the battle, Combusken learns Overheat and is able to strike back with amazing power. As the battle ends, it comes down to May winning by just a few points! After the battle, Ash finally catches the troublesome Aipom. May then finds herself up against Solidad and her amazing Pidgeot and Slowbro. Can May defeat Solidad and go on to win the Grand Festival?moreless

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  • Huge hint !

    The episode starts with Drew and May continuing their contest but I'm not satisfied with how they do it. First of all, May uses a baby Squirtle which should have fainted at the begining of the battle. Also, I like fire power but Absol beats Combusken and sends it flying any day. Drew's Absol rocks, it's strong and very powerful. And Combusken is a Fire type, WEAK to water, it should have fainted after Absol created a huge wave of water. May wins though she doesn't deserve it but I think the way Solidad defeats her is very fair, she shouldn't be such a cry-baby. That stupid crying of hers annoys me.

    BUT what I think of when I hear "Channeling The Battle Zone" is : Ash and Max hug !!! I think it's quite cute and I love it and this hug proves that AlfShipping a.k.a. SatoShipping is eons ahead of any other pairing ! You know, there's no doubt they're in love with each other. And I don't love it because it's cute (though it undeniably is).moreless
  • good battle may vs drew

    whata battle between may and drew. may beat drew first she took otu flygon. then she beat absol. also ash finally catches apom for real this time. i like this episode alot of action. good episode. i loved it. go may go. she finally beat drew. and drew did not hold back he used strong attacks.
Sonny Dey

Sonny Dey

Vivian Meridian

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Bill Rogers

Bill Rogers

Drew, Scott

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Kayzie Rogers

Lilian Meridian

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Michele Knotz

Nurse Joy

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