Season 3 Episode 18

Charizard's Burning Ambitions

Aired Saturday 8:30 AM Feb 03, 2001 on Cartoon Network
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Charizard's Burning Ambitions
Ash and friends meet a girl named Liza, the person who protects the nearby Charicific Valley, a valley where wild Charizard live. Everyone goes there and Ash wants his Charizard to train with the others, but after it is easily beaten by another one, it loses its fighting spirit. Now Ash must figure out what is the best thing to do for Charizard.moreless

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  • Stop releasing your Pokemon, Ash!

    First it was Butterfree, then Primape, then Pidgeot, and now, just after Ash finally got it trained, he let go of Charizard!? I know he needs room for new pokemon, but he could just send them to Professor Oak. Ash keeps letting his most powerful pokemon go, except for that spotlight hogging Pikachu! Charizard didn't need any special training; that is Ash's job. Charizard was doing just fine before they found that non-existant-in-the-game Charisific Valley. This episode and the episode where Ash gives away his Squirtle made me stop watching Pokemon for five years, yet somehow I came back into it.moreless
  • Charizard goes into training in the Charicific Valley.

    I love this episode so much I'll cry. So here, Charizard does some training and is proven it's no match for the other Charizards found in the valley. So it battles TR's machine so it can prove the keeper of the valley, Liza, that's tought enough and has courage. After shoeing guts, it was commanded to stay in the valley for more training. And thus, it leaves Ash's team.
  • charizard leaves

    Man, why did Charizard have to leave. That isn't cool. It was Ash's strongest pokemon. Still, at least it left the show respectfully and in good graces. You still see it in a few a other episodes, but know where near enough. This episode shows that Ash's Charizard is as determined as we all knew it was if it can withstand being in water for a whole night. Surprisingly though, you also find out Ash's Charizard is weak compared to other Charizard. But this episode changes all that when it leaves Ash's team to become much stronger. I still miss good ole Charizard...moreless

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