Season 8 Episode 1

Clamperl of Wisdom

Aired Saturday 8:30 AM Sep 17, 2005 on Cartoon Network
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Clamperl of Wisdom
On the way to Mossdeep City, Ash and friends encounter Spoink again. It is floating on a log and a wave knocks it off. They rescue it, but it starts jumping around and the pearl on its head falls into the ocean. After searching the ocean with Mudkip and Corphish, Ash and friends head for a nearby island with the sad Spoink. There, they meet Isaiah who is studying a blue pearl. Team Rocket tries to steal it, but Spoink ends up foiling their plans and runs off with the pearl! Now everyone must find Spoink before Team Rocket does!moreless

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  • Nothing really did happen here...

    So basically the gang encounter Spoink again and it has lost its pearl in the ocean. After several misconceptions they find a professor that is reaserching this blue pearl and clamperl because there are a ton of them on the island. Team rocket comes along and takes the pearl(then in disguise) tell the gang that Spoink took it. Spoink meanwhile didn't take it and meets with these two kids and stuff happens. I guess nothing really happened I am way to bored with this episode to continue writing. Too sum it up it wasn't what you would say horrible but it is one of those lesser episodes.moreless
  • Not bad, but not the best.

    This was an ok episode. I found it to be kind of boring at the beginning with the only really exciting part being the Team Rocket battle at the end. The plot is one that has been used again and the episode comes very close to "Pearls Are A Spoink's Best Friend" though it is different at the same time. A good thing about this episode was time focusing on Chimecho and Spoink, two lovable pokemon indeed. Overall, this episode is ok, it isn't on that you would watch over and over again but is is a nice paced episode.moreless
  • "Spoink" returns and tries to take a pearl from a research laboratory. Team Rocket also wants the pearl along with the "Spoink" and "Clampearl". It is up to Ash and friends to spoil Team Rocket's plan.moreless

    The new theme song for "Pokemon Advance Battle" feels like a recycle version of the "I Want To Be A Heroe" from "Pokemon Advance" (Season 6) series.

    For the title sequence, on season 7, an icon of "Ash" follows the "Hoenn" map with the title. For season 8 the title shows the boxes of both Ash and May's badges, as they open, while the title reveals.

    The episode lacks of humor. Is the same thing that you see on every season. The begining, shows the same "Spoink" that was seen on Season 7, loosing again his pearl and then, stealing round Pokemon to adorn his head. The "Torkoal" sequence where is crying, is getting burned out! Team Rocket still using the same "Meowth" dream sequence of the "Boss" receiving a rare Pokemon (If there is one!).

    The best part was, Team Rocket trying to open a "Clampearl", while "James" uses his "Chimecho" to sing a note and making "Jesse" yell with a big head. That was the fun part of the entire episode, the rest was nothing to laugh.moreless
  • Spoink lost its pearl in the ocean. Unable to find it they met a scientist who told them Clamperl could give them a pearl. Spoink stole a blue pearl from the case and Team Rocket are the witness. Team Rocket plan to steal Spoink, Clamperl and the blue peamoreless

    The episode is well written. However, this is not an episode review. This is for the opening title. Four KIds entertainment add two Japanese opening for the English version. They were: Pokemon Symphony and Pokemon Battle Frontier. I just think the song is a bit dumb and i prefer if they use only one season instead of two. They could use pictures of the ending song. This is the first time they do this type of thing. Believe me i watch every episode in both language. (Battle Frontier is one of my favorite song-very catchy.)moreless

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