Season 12 Episode 21

Classroom Training!

Aired Saturday 8:30 AM Oct 03, 2009 on Cartoon Network

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  • Enter Snowpoint Gym Leader Candice!

    At long last, Ash and comp. finally arrive in Snowpoint City, where they meet up with Zoey. She offers to show them around her hometown, and while doing so, the group run into a girl named Candice. Candice reveals that she's the Snowpoint Gym Leader, and Ash, being Ash, automatically chalenges her to a battle right away. She gladly accepts, but first wants to take the group to the local Pokemon Trainers' School where she teaches. Candice explains how the school works, and introduces Ash and friends to the older trainers who are taking part there.

    While this flow of events takes place, it's revealed that Candice and Zoey are childhood friends who went to that very same school together. Zoey was just a little girl when she found a Glameow abandoned in a back alley. She wasn't allowed to keep it, but she brought it home anyway, and Candice defended her when a teacher of the school told her just that. An agreement was then made that Zoey could keep Glameow, as long as she and Candice raised it together.

    Back in the present, Team Rocket make a quick plot to steal all of the school's Pokemon, and go through with it quickly...

    Candice's voice was higher than I expected, though her character was good. The "Miss Senior" thing kind of annoyed me, though I thought the whole exchange between Ash and Jeremiah worked out well in the end. Throw in the suspense for next week's Gym Battle, and you've got a good episode.
  • The freezing Ice-types of Snowpoint and Candice!

    This was an interesting episode, in which we see the leader of Snowpoint City's Gym, Candice! I liked the idea of the Pokemon School Quiz, and it was very interesting seeing the Team Rocket members at the school! They were funny, as uasual!

    We aslo saw a few great Pokemon in this episode, including Skuntank, Abomasnow and some more! It was veyr intersesting about how Zoey met Glameow, and how she took care of it.

    Team Rocket's thievery was also interesting, as sthey stole so mahny PokeBalls from the school! They are really funny!

    All up, a great episode! I definitely recommend it, and I hope this standard is maintained throughout the rest of the season!
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