Season 1 Episode 6

Clefairy And The Moon Stone

Aired Saturday 8:30 AM Sep 15, 1998 on Cartoon Network

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  • Ash, Misty and Brock continue their journey

    Mt. Moon was intriguing don't get me wrong but Team Rocket had to show up yet again and ruin Ash's quest on becoming a Pokemon master but overall it was good that they escaped the cave and learned Clefairy's metronome.
  • Moon Stone Blues

    How do you connect hair to prayer? No one really knows. First true filler( I don't count the Samurai EP as we hadn't met Brock yet) and it really was mediocre. The whole "praying to the Moon Stone" shtick to me is a turn off, however at least we get to see Brock be useful, something we'll see a lot less of in later seasons.
  • This episode is more better than a "remake" from later on...

    Wow, Mt. Moon already!? Ash is one quick traveler! This episode is decent enough because of the Clefairy's in Mt. Moon. Ash would've been better off catching one since it did fit for him, but did Seymour HAD to forbid him from catching it? The best part that Team Rocket has ever done so far: tricking the twerps into a battle so they can smokescreen the area to steal the Moon Stone. Very clever of them. It was kinda sad to see the Moon Stone break into ashes after their Metronome generated an attack. Guess it was done so no one can attempt what Team Rocket did again. So congrats to the lucky Clefairy's.

    At the end of this episode, I lol'd. "Gary was here..." "Loser!? Ohh, that Gary... I'LL SHOW YOU!!" If Ash didn't waste his time in Mt. Moon, wouldn't he be at Cerulean City by now? Not bad for an evolution episode. It would've been better if Team Rocket grunts was here and steal some fossils inside just like the nostalgia games.
  • Brock has captured a Zubat and Ash & Co. journey into Mt. Moon. Here lies a bunch of Clefairy's, wanting the precious Moon Stones.

    Ash and Co. arrive at Mt. Moon & are joined by a scientist. They soon are attacked by Zubat & Brock captures one of them, even though the capture was off-screen. Ash & Co. meet the Clefairy inside, guarding a gigantic rock. Team Rocket attempt to steal it for their greedy needs. They end up failing like always. Then Ash & Co. battle Team Rocket. This is officially when Zubat is first shown, battling against Team Rocket. Ash & Co. defeat Team Rocket like they always do. Some of Clefairy evolve into Clefable from the Moon Stones. After that, Ash & Co. depart from Mt. Moon and head over to Cerulean City, where Ash has to battle the Cerulean Gym but he will be surprised on who the gym leader is.
  • Very good installment.

    I liked this episode of Pokémon. It had a pretty decent story line and it's the first episode that features Brock traveling with Ash. Anyways, the story was good. I don't ever really care if Team Rocket is featured in an episode or not, but in this episode they were used in a pretty good way, wanting to get the Moon Stone from the Clefairy's. The guest star Seymour also played a not so much important role but a good role as a friend of Ash and ended up staying with the Clefairy's. It was a very good and adventurous installment.
  • Trouble in Mt Moon!

    Ash, Brock and Misty head towards Mt Moon so they can get to Cerulean City, but they encounter a man being attacked by Zubat's. He introduces himself as Seymour and says that the Pokemon in the mountain are acting strangley due to lights inside the cave. The group then bump into Team Rocket and Butterfree and Brock's new Zubat battle them. Then they chase after a Clefairy and settle down before they find the Clefairy cave and their Moon Stone. Team Rocket end up stealing it and going down the mountain btu Onix stops them. Some of the Clefairy's evolve to Clefables and blast Team Rocket off. Ash's group leaves Seymour and reach a sign in which Gary has written stuff about Ash on.

    This was an alright episode. I thought that Seymour's oddness was rather funny, and I liked the storyline of the Clefairy's and the Moon Stone. I liekd the part when Team Rocket went down the mountain with the stone before being hit by Onix. A lot of different Pokemon were seen which was good, and it was nice that someone other than Ash caught a Pokemon. Some of the things were a bit silly, with the ideas about Pokemon coming from space and that the Clefairy's thought the moon stone was their good, but it is an animation after all. Overall, it was an alright episode with a few improvements needed.
  • clefairy and zubat!

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  • After winning the Boulder Badge from the Pewter City Gym,Ash and Misty are now joined by Brock.They are travelling to Mt. Moon.There our heroes witness a young researcher at the mouth of the caves where they rescue him from the large number of Zubats.

    After winning the Boulder Badge from the Pewter City Gym,Ash and Misty are now joined by Brock.They are travelling to Mt. Moon.There our heroes witness a young researcher at the mouth of the caves where they rescue him from the large number of Zubats.That one of these was captured by Brock.These episode is totally revealing when Misty and Brock showoffs to fight with the Team Rocket.That they show how great Zubat and Butterfree against Koffins and Ekans when it comes to combat.My question here is,What is the thing that must revealed with these mysterious rock called the Moon Stone?In the end,all the question was revealed when the magical of Clefairy has appear to them using the metronome attack.
  • Clefairy and Clefable!

    This was one excellent episode because Clefairy and Clefable made its real appearence. When TR stole the Moonstone, it was interfered with Onix's Dig. How sad is that when a good plot is foiled? Another shame is found here is TR would've won if they didn't pay attention to Clefairy's Metronome. Theny ended up blasting off.
  • Another good episode of Pokemon

    This episode is good as the other episodes of Pokemon. In this episode Brock catches a Zubat but we don´t see how he did that. Te guy that they met is similar to the other guy that appears in the other episode of clefairy. My favorite part was when all the clefairy uses metronome that is one of my favorite attacks because when a pokemon uses metronome a random attack is used. Another good part is when pikachu is trying to explain to Ash what the clefairy are doing with the moon stone and Ash and Friends is trying to discover what he is doing.
  • love this episode

    I think Clefairy are so cute! It's only natural that this is one of my favorite episodes, although most people may not agree with me. The professor in this episode was also a strange but funny guy. This is also the first time we see Brock catch a Pokemon. There's enough said on why I like this episode!
  • Brock join the qroup

    Brock has joined Ash and Misty, as they continue on their path to Pokémon Greatness. First, they must find a short cut to Cerulean City, through the caves of Mt. Moon. Upon reaching Mt. Moon, our heroes witness a young researcher being attacked by a large number of Zubats. With Pikachu’s electric shock, they rescue the researcher at the mouth of the caves. Full of gratitude for their assistance, the researcher, Seymor, offers to guide them through the caves. Along the way they witness many injured Pokémon.