Season 11 Episode 15

Crossing the Battle Line!

Aired Saturday 8:30 AM Jul 26, 2008 on Cartoon Network

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  • Dawn is going to have a battle with Maylene soon, who will win in the end???

    I say this is another GREAT and EXCITING episode!! Dawn is going to have a battle with Maylene to help her get her confidence back, and it was really great! Although Dawn is suppose to be a Pokemon coordinator for contests, she is going to have a Gym battle! Although in the end she kinda lost, but she did really well for her first Gym battle and her Pokemon were well trained, like her Buneary, Ambipom and Piplup! Maylene's Pokemon that were used during the battle include Meditite and Lucario, one of my most favourite Pokemon!!! Meanwhile, Reggie has started teaching Ash's Staravia the move Brave Bird and Staravia gets to learn it quite well, WITH using Ash as a moving target..... Finally, do I recommend this episode to watch??? Well, who would not want to watch this episode??? It was soooooo exciting seeing the battle between Maylene and Dawn and that it was nice for Maylene to get back her confidence! Lucario seemed really happy and proud of her!! Will Ash win his Gym battle when he fights against Maylene?? Find out in the next episode!!