Season 12 Episode 4

Dealing With Defensive Types!

Aired Saturday 8:30 AM May 30, 2009 on Cartoon Network
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Ash finally gets to battle the Canalave City Gym Leader, Byron. In the first round Byron chooses his Bronzor, while Ash uses Chimchar. Ash tries to use Chimchar's type-advantage to score an early victory, but this begins to prove ineffective when he learns that Byron has a defensive style of battling. Will Ash be able to overcome this and win his sixth gym badge?moreless

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  • Ash faces off against Byron's Bronzor, Steelix, and Bastiodon, using Chimchar, Buizel, and Gliscor. This is a gym battle you don't want to miss!

    So Ash's Chimchar battles Byron's Bronzor & Roark is the referee. Ash's Chimchar has problems with its fire attacks hitting Bronzor. Chimchar eventually finds a way through Bronzor's defenses & defeats it when Flame Wheel and Gyro Ball collide. Byron uses Steelix next but Ash recalls it & uses Buizel. When Buizel fires Water Gun, Steelix launches a Screech attack, similar to what happened when Ash's Pikachu battled against Roark's Onix. Steelix manages to use Wrap on Buizel and defeats it with Iron Tail. Chimchar is called out and after a hard fought battle, Chimchar emerges victorious. Bastiodon is called out and defeats Chimchar with Flash Cannon. Ash's Gliscor battles Byron's Bastiodon with X-Scissor, Steelx Wing, Sand-Attack, and Fire Fang. Bastiodon proves to be a challenge by using its high defense. But in end, with Gliscor's Fire Fang hitting its mark on Bastiodon, Ash wins the Mine Badge, and has only the Glacier Badge & Beacon Badge to obtain.moreless
  • The time for Ash's Canalave City Gym Battle with Byron has finally come. Who will emerge victorious?

    The Gym Battle gets underway with Byron starting with Bronzor and Ash, planning on taking advantage of Bronzor's Steel-type trait, starting with Chimchar. Ash has Chimchar get in the first move; a Flamethrower that hits Bronzor head-on. Unfortunately for him, however, it doesn't do as much damage to Bronzor as he expected thanks to it's Special Ability, Heatproof. To make matters worse, it then uses Rain Dance to weaken Chimchar's Fire-type moves even more. Not about to just give up, Ash keeps Chimchar in battle, and both sides put up an excellent fight. In the end, Chimchar manages to pull off the win! Byron sends out Steelix next while Ash recalls Chimchar to let it rest and sends out Buizel. Things continue to intensify...

    Awesome episode and awesome Gym Battle; definitely intense. I'm glad that Gliscor was the one to pull off the ultimate win for Ash this time, and also that Buizel was pwned so quickly considering that it had wins in the past three Gym Battles. And now that Ash has the Mine Badge, it's off to Chocovine Town for Dawn's next Pokemon Contest, and then to Snowpoint City for Ash's attempt at winning his seventh Sinnoh Gym Badge!moreless
  • A great Gym Battle!

    This awas a great Gym Battle! Gym Battle episodes are always amy favorite to watch, and this was no exception, as Ash tries to penetrate Byron's steely defenses.

    So Byron uses Bronzor, Steelix and Bastiodon, which, if I am not mistaken, is his exact team from the Pokemon Video Games. Bronzor's Heat Proof Ability severely reduced Chimchar's ability to hurt it, which was interesting, and I really enjoyed Steelix's strategy of using Iron Tail to get Chimchar out from underground and then using Bind to weaken it and attack with Iron Tail.

    Ash's three Pokemon weree Chimchar, Buizel and Gliscor, which gave him a type advantage in most battles, but that didn't ascertain victory. Bastiodon was a tank with defense, but luckily, Ash figured out that it's wekest part was everything behind it's large head, and he was able to successfully target the less defensiev part of Bastiodon's body.

    Great episode, guys! I would definitely recommen d this one, as it was a battle that I truly enjoyed! Team Rocket was funny in their bid to steal fossils, and their tracks were halted by a lot of cool fossil Pokemon, including Kabuto, Kabutops, Omastar, Omanyte, Cradily and Armaldo.

    Great episode! Keep it up!moreless

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  • TRIVIA (4)

    • Byron had Steelix use Screech the same way Roark had his Onix use it when Ash battled him, indicating that Byron taught Roark that move.

    • This Gym Battle is similar to Ash's Gym Battle against Jasmine of the Olivine Gym in the Johto Region.

      1. Both Gym Leaders were fought in the 108th (however, in the dub Byron is fought in the 107th) episode of that saga.
      2. They both specialize in Steel-type Pokémon and own a Steelix.
      3. Each Gym Leader's Steelix was defeated by that region's Fire-type Starter.
      4. Each Gym Leader's Gym Badge was the 6th Ash obtained in both regions.

    • Ash defeats Byron and earns the Mine Badge.

    • Gym Line-ups:
      Ash: Chimchar, Buizel, Gliscor.
      Byron: Bronzor, Steelix, Bastiodon.

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