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Season 1 Episode 31

Dig Those Diglett

Aired Saturday 8:30 AM Oct 19, 1998 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

Dig Those Diglett
On their way to Fuchsia City, Ash and the others notice a big explosion up ahead. They head to the site where a giant dam is being built. The explosion was caused by a bunch of Diglett, who are trying to prevent the construction. The project manager is more then willing to give a reward to any trainer who can get rid of the Diglett. Gary even shows up and he, along with Ash and many other trainers try to send out their pokémon. When they try to release their pokémon, none of them will come out, so all the trainers leave. Later that night Ash, Misty, and Brock find the home of the Diglett and Dugtrio, and find out that if the dam is built, there home will be washed away, so they decide to help prevent the construction. Meanwhile, Team Rocket are depressed over their losses, and complain that they need stronger pokémon, and Ekans and Koffing just might "grant" their wish.moreless

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • A Pokemon can decide to not come out of its Pokeballs? How disobedient... (gasps in shock)

    Not much happened in this episode, though there were some great moments. Diglett looked so darn cute in its appearance. Gary comes back and annoys Ash once more. I found it funny and ironic that Gary said Ash is fourth since he WAS the fourth trainer to leave Pallet. It shows you how smart and unforgettable Gary is.

    So the whole episode is about getting rid of Digletts from interfering the "planned dam" in construction. Why not build it somewhere else so the Digletts don't destroy it? It was simple as that. Heck, Celadon City would've been the perfect place for that, or the haunted Lavender Town, but not anywhere Diglett's home.

    What surprised me was when several of the trainer's Pokemon refused to battle the Digletts. It shows us that they knew what Diglett was doing all along: fixing the forest. And I always thought they only disobey you if you don't have the right badges, but they're possibly more intelligent than humans.

    Sadly, Team Rocket does nothing here once more, but they evolved their Pokemon: Ekans and Koffing. What annoyed me was we didn't see them evolve at all! It was done OFFSCREEN. Real shame. Even their evolved Pokemon is no match against Ash's Pokemon still, so they have a long way to go sadly, especially when the Dugtrios beat them up (offscreen(.

    Bottom line: never interfere the Pokemon's home and don't try to eliminate them at all. It'll fail in the end.moreless
  • Diglett and Dugtrio!

    This episode was really shaky. It's sad to see that the constructors is interfearing its home by costructing a new building. Now, I know every Pokemon deserves a home to live like us humans, but there's no need to disturd it's home like that. Why they didn't build it somewhere else? But I'm surprised the construction ended to prevent Diglett problems in the future.
  • Ash and friends meet diglett and dugtrio

    Ash and his friends play hero again as they try to stop a crazy builder from building a hotel in the spot where diglett thrive. Ash has an encounter with Gary along the way who of course taunts Ash and his ability as a trainer. Meanwhile team rocket decides to evolve their ekans and koffing and they succeed! They use their new pokemon to try and steal pikachu of course and get the diglett and dugtrio out of the way for their own gain. Ash isn\'t impressed with the evolutions and blasts team rocket off as always and the builder realizes that the diglett and dugtrio need this land and stops building the hotel. Everyone is at peace.moreless
Ted Lewis (II)

Ted Lewis (II)

Construction director

Guest Star

Eric Stuart

Eric Stuart

Kanto Pokédex

Recurring Role

Jimmy Zoppi

Jimmy Zoppi

Gary Oak

Recurring Role

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