Season 11 Episode 45

Double Team Turnover!

Aired Saturday 8:30 AM Mar 07, 2009 on Cartoon Network
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Team Galactic Commanders Mars and Saturn launch an attack on the Historical Center in hopes of obtaining the Lustrous Orb. However, things don't go their way when Ash, Dawn, and Cynthia hold them back, and Team Rocket end up escaping with the Lustrous Orb. Now it is a race as both Ash and friends and Team Galactic try to find Team Rocket and the Lustrous Orb first. But who will ultimately find them?moreless

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  • Team Galactic's invasion of Celestic Town continues, as they'll stop at nothing to get the Lustrous Orb!

    The excitement continues to intensify, as Cynthia sends her Gastrodon out into the fray, while Ash and Dawn send out Chimchar and Pachirisu respectively. As our heroes continue to battle Team Galactic, Team Rocket snatches this opportunity and grabs the Lustrous Orb themselves! Dashing out of the historic center, it's a race against time as both Ash and comp. and Team Galactic try to get the Lustrous Orb from Team Rocket.

    Commander Jupiter makes her first appearance, and the plot continues to thicken. Team Galactic unfortunately manage to get the Lustrous Orb first, blasting Team Rocket off in the process. That, along with the fact that Cynthia is getting suspicious of Cyrus... In the end, Team Galactic get one step closer to their evil goal, and they plan on hiring a Pokemon Hunter to capture the three Lake Guardians...

    A suspenseful end to an epic arc. The battles were great, and that was very heroic of Chimchar to take Toxicroak's Poison Jab for Pikachu. Jupiter's Skuntank made an appearance, as well as Mars' Purugly. All of Team Galactic's top members have now made their debut except for Pluto, a Pokemon Hunter, hopefully J, is soon to get involved, and the Team Galactic action just keeps getting better! The Celestic Town Arc may be over, but the Sinnoh Saga is far from it, and you can be sure that I'll say tuned for the excitement to come!moreless
  • Another Great Team Galactic Episode!

    Team Galactic has returned! Not only do we see Saturn, but Mars, Cyrus, and Jupiter! I couldn't stop laughing at the scene where James put the orb in Carnavine's ( is that how you spell it?) Mouth! Although, Cyrus went a little crazy, but still good.

    Jupiter's Skuntank's Voice was a little weird, but still good. We saw Dialga and Palkia in the pictures and statues. We even saw Mar's Purugly and Her Bronzor as well. But there we so many Golbats! But then again, all the villians have golbats. But Usually The Grunts have the Golbats. But still, good episode.moreless
Emily Bauer

Emily Bauer


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Michele Knotz

Michele Knotz

Nurse Joy, Sinnoh Pokédex

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Marc Thompson

Marc Thompson


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