Season 8 Episode 19

Eight Ain't Enough!

Aired Saturday 8:30 AM Jan 28, 2006 on Cartoon Network
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Eight Ain't Enough!
Ash continues his Gym Battle with Juan. However, Juan's pokémon are well trained and are able to counteract their weaknesses easily. With powerful Pokémon at his aide, Juan is proving to be one of the strongest Gym Leaders Ash has encounterd. With just one more badge needed to enter the Hoenn League, Ash is determined to win, but will he be able to defeat Juan?moreless

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  • Ash gets his 8th bagde.. soo predictable

    well this episode was good and bad... the rest of the gym battle was great.. Ash had to use a strategy for each of Juans pokemons... the battle starts out with when Luvdisc and Grovyle. It was disapointing that Grovyle got knocked out by 1 single Water Gun and Grovyle is my most favorite pokemon besides Flygon, Charizard and Swampert.

    Then Corphish was out. The battle started off with Corpish using Bubblebeam it missed and Luvdisc used Water Gun. Corphish got hurled into a rock. Luvdisc then used its Sweet Kiss but missed . Corphish then used Bubblebeam again but Luvdisc dived underwater. Corphish then used a Crabhammer on top on the water and Luvdisc popped out. With the rainning Luvdisc Swift Swim ability activated and dodged Corphishs Vicegrip. It used Water Gun but missed Corphish and Corphish used Bubblebeam on the mist and the rain stopped, stopped Luvdisc in its tracks and finished it of with a Crabhammer.

    Corphish then was up against Wishcash. Corphish used Bubblebeam but was blocked by Wishcashes Surf and finished of Corphish with Rock Smash. (wtf! rock smash?!?!) Its more of a deja vu when a Wishcash stole Ash\'s badges and then Ash used Corphish but got knocked out with a single Water Pulse.

    You see the TR selling badges of Juan lol and gets blasted by one of the lovely ladies and her Blastoise.

    The match continues... Ash uses Swellow up next. Swellow uses Quick Attack but was stopped and was tickled by Wishcash lolz.. and lowering its defence. Wishcash then used Hyper Beam which sent Swellow flying and hurling into collums and into a wall. But Swellow wont give up! It used Aerial Ace but Wishcash dived into the water. Swellow followed it and hit it damn hard!! Wishcash then uses Hyper Beam but Swellow Dodges it with Quick Attack and then combined it with Aerial Ace and finishes Wishcash.

    Swellow was up against Milotic but lost after getting hit by a Twister attack. Then Pikachu finishes it off using Thunder underwater.moreless
  • OMG!!!! I loveed this episode!

    In this episode and the one before was Ash's Final Gym Showdown. Team Rocket at it again trying to get money. Ash comes close to losing but comes out shining. What I didnt like about this episode is that May has to go to "Pacifdlog" (Misspelled.) while Ash gets to go to Ever Grande really sexist but a good ep. nonetheless.
  • Ash\'s Eight & Final Gym Battle Part 2

    This episode was even better than the last! It sucked that Grovyle was taken out so easily. It was awesome to see Swellow dive underwater and take on Whiscash and the others moves it used to beat a pokemon it should have a weakness too. The battle with Milotic was also very amamzing! The Final Saga is coming soon!

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