Season 1 Episode 14

Electric Shock Showdown

Aired Saturday 8:30 AM Sep 25, 1998 on Cartoon Network
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Electric Shock Showdown
Our heroes finally reach Vermilion City. They make their way to the Pokémon Center to refill their empty stomachs, but once there, they witness dozens of injured Pokémon being treated. Pikachu and Ash are alarmed to learn that all of these Pokémon were injured in battles with the Vermilion Gym Leader, Lt. Surge. Nonetheless, eager to earn a badge, Ash challenges Lt. Surge. Pikachu reluctantly enters the battle only to discover its opponent to be a Raichu, its evolved form. After a short battle Pikachu is overwhelmingly defeated. At the pokémon center Ash wonders what he can do to win. Nurse Joy presents him with a Thunder Stone which would evolve Pikachu into Raichu and make it more powerful. Now he must choose whether or not to evolve Pikachu just to beat one trainer.moreless

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  • Pikachu

    It alright
  • Best Gym Battle in the season

    Ash Vs. Surge pulled off an not only an amazing duo of battles (Pikachu vs. Raichu) but gives a true surprise in that Ash chooses not to evolve his Pikachu, instead winning on pure skill. Also notable for the first Team Rocket disguise, and the trio recognizes them!! Why couldn't that happen in later seasons?

    Grade A+
  • pikachu vs Raichu

    in this episode Ash and his friends get to Vermilion City and ash is ready to prove that he can defeat a Gym Leader yeah like he beats his friends to get the 2 badges he all ready has and the gym leader is some guy that was in the armay and has a tough Raichu which is the evovle form of a pikachu and bady beats Pikachu and is ash planing to use a thuder stone ot evovle Pikachu and he trains pikachu and they were able to beat the armay guy and now ash has 3 badges and need 5 moremoreless
  • Ash challenges the Vermilion Gym Leader: Lt. Surge to a gym battle. But with Pikachu facing its evolution Raichu, can Ash succeed?

    Ash finally arrives at the next gym. This gym specializes in electric types. Ash then meets the gym leader: Lt. Surge. Ash chooses Pikachu, and Lt. Surge uses Raichu. Ash thinks that Pikachu can win but Raichu proves to be superior. Pikachu ends up losing the match. At the Pokemon Center, Pikachu is in bed, resting. Nurse Joy appears, giving Ash a Thunderstone. An item necessary for Pikachu to evolve. Ash considers that Pikachu should evolve, to give it a fighting chance. Pikachu disagrees, saying that it will defeat Raichu as a Pikachu. Pikachu proves to be correct, as in the rematch, it uses its agility to overcom Raichu and eventually defeating it, earning Ash the Thunderbadge. So officially, this is Ash's first gym victory.moreless
  • They finally reach Vermilion City!

    Well, they have been trying to reach Vermilion City since the first episode I believe and they finally get there in this 14th installment of the series.

    Now, even though they reached Vermilion City doesn't mean that this episode is anything special, I mean, I was waiting for awhile for them to get there during the series but I didn't expect much and nothing much really did happen. I just don't care to much for the episodes where Ash battles for badges but this one was alright. The thing is, there was a lot leading up to this episode when they did reach Vermilion City but nothing really happened except for Ash getting the Thunder Badge.moreless
Maddie Blaustein

Maddie Blaustein

Lt. Surge

Guest Star

Eric Stuart

Eric Stuart

Kanto Pokédex

Recurring Role

Megan Hollingshead

Megan Hollingshead

Nurse Joy

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (7)

  • QUOTES (15)

    • Brock: Pikachu used it's tail as a ground, and dodged the electric shock!
      Jessie: What a shocking story!
      James: That was quite a tail!
      Meowth: (Hits Jessie and James) And now, you've both been Pun-ished!

    • Meowth: (Translating Pikachu) Its saying it won't change. Pikachu's gonna beat that Raichu just as it is. Its gonna defend its honor and Ash's.
      James: (Starts crying) Oh dear! Thats so beautiful!

    • Surge: Okay, Baby, if you want to quit, now's your chance.
      Ash: There's no way we're going to quit now.
      Surge: Ha! What kind of a baby would do that? If you want to be a real Pokemon trainer, you should have your Pokemon evolve as soon as you catch it.
      Ash: There's more to training a Pokemon than forcing it to evolve, and I like this Pikachu just the way it is.
      Surge: Wrong, Baby. Electric Pokemon are only useful once they've learned all their electric attacks. You keep a puny like that, and it's no more than a little pet.

    • Ash: Use the strategy we planned, Pikachu! You can do it!
      Surge: A strategy? So they've planned a new way to lose!

    • Jessie: Hey, if Pikachu loses this battle...
      James: You're right. It's not worth stealing after all. We've wasted all this time.
      Meowth: Maybe you can steal Raichu.

    • Surge: I enjoy playing with toys, but play time is over!

    • Surge: Oh well, I guess you'll learn that playing with the big boys can be a shock in experience.

    • Team Rocket: (before doing the "Pikachu cheer") To protect the world from devestation...
      Meowth: Ix-nay! (hits them on the head)
      TR: Oh, we forgot! (does the Pikachu cheer instead)

    • Misty: Thanks for your support! Bye, Team Rocket!
      Team Rocket: (holding flag with giant red "R") How did they know it was us?!

    • Ash: Pikachu... our lucky star is shining today!
      Pikachu: Pika?
      Misty: Where? I don't see it! How can you see a star in the middle of the day?
      Ash: Oh, I don't mean it's actually shining!

    • (Lt. Surge notices Pikachu)
      Pikachu: Pi!
      Lt. Surge: Heh! A Pikachu! Hey, look at this! Baby brought along a baby Pokémon!

    • James: Drat! We just wasted this whole episode cheering the good guys!

    • James: (cheer for Pikachu) We want you, Pikachu! Give me a "Pi", give me a "Ka", give me a "Chu", what you got? Pikachu, got'cha Pikachu! You're our Pokémon, Pikachu!

    • Surge: Welcome to the Vermilion Gym! (hugs Misty) Oh, my next challenger is a cute one. Don't think I'll go easy on ya.
      Misty: Excuse me, but I'm not the challenger.
      Surge: Then who?
      Ash: Me! That's who.
      Surge: Hum? Oh, you. OK, baby!
      Ash: I'm no baby! My name is Ash Ketchem!
      Surge: I call everyone who loses to me "Baby".

    • Joy: Thay say when two people fight, they really care for each other.
      Ash/Misty: (blush) Me care about him/her!? Hmph!

  • NOTES (4)


    • Lt. Surge esembles the Swedish actor Dolph Lundgren. Both of them are tall, have spiky blonde hair, and are very muscular.

    • Lt. Surge is meant to be a play on G.I. Joe. This is made even more obvious in the Japanese version, where he states that he is a soldier from America and he speaks fluent English.

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