Season 5 Episode 35

Enlighten Up!

Aired Saturday 8:30 AM Apr 26, 2003 on Cartoon Network
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Enlighten Up!
Ash and friends run into Team Rocket by a lake. As they are about to battle a woman named Madeleine comes by and tells them that they need to take it easy and become enlightened. She takes them to a nearby temple to train them in enlightenment, but what exactly is it? Meanwhile, Team Rocket are planning on stealing the Gold Slowpoke statue at the temple.moreless

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  • Ash and his friends learn the true meaning of Enlightment.

    The gang once more heads towards their destination when they come up to a lake. It's probably not going to be the next one for a while, so they decide to take a rest here. Just before they could do anything, they are interupted by Team Rocket! A fight almost breaks out until a lone Slowpoke with a yellow flag comes by. It sits on a rock and sticks its tail in the water. Funny how this Slowpoke never noticed anything. Afterwards, a religious woman of some type comes running after the Slowpoke. Now this is getting fishy... The woman introduces herself as Miyabi. She works at a nearby temple, doing those traditions and such. She invites both Ash and co. and Team Rocket. Hearing about Gary, Ash accepts this little training, wanting to beat him at anything. While hearing the word "Food", the Rockets go right ahead.

    They soon come to the temple. Miyabi says that she'll help them out through the basic runs of the place. They come across their prized possesion, a golden statue of a Slowpoke. Team Rocket gets all sly about this, imagining what they can do if they returned it to Giovanni. First came the meal, but she says that they have a lot of work to do.

    The first test, meditation. Everyone was brought into a small room where a bunch of people and Pokemon were lined up in a circle. One of the person moved, and that slight move earned him a slap from a 2X4. The general rules are simple: sit down, stay still, and be quiet. Ash and co. give it a try. Ash soon thinks about being in the Johto League champion finally, except he goes a bit too far and shouts it out, getting a slap. Misty on the other hand imagines she found a legendary water Pokemon, and Brock thinks about chasing Miyabi. Both inevitably get the slap as well. Team Rocket on the other hand don't seem to be doing the job, getting slapped a plenty. The next test looked easier than the last one. The job was to mop up the whole temple building. Easy, if the building wasn't so big. Everyone groans at the large job they need to complete, but for Ash, it's not gonna be over unless you start. He runs off, but then Jesse and James start to get all competetive about it and it becomes a race! Ash seems to have a bit of trouble as Jesse and James keep pulling the lead. Just when they have to turn into a hall, Ash takes advantage of it and runs across the wall, giving him the speed for first. Just when they hit the finish by a near shot, Miyabi steps up saying they need to do a better job. Along the floor was a trail mark that was all squiggly. Looks like they have to do it NEATLY from now on...

    Afterwards, the third test was to go fishing. Team Rocket finding a chance to be alone tried to think of a way to skip it. Soon Jesse says that she has a headache while James says he's got a few cramps. Believing them, Ash and co. along with Miyabi leave the temple to go to the lake. Now that their alone, Jesse and James try to figure out a way to get this hunk of gold out of here.

    Down at the lake, they notice that the same Slowpoke is still there. Ash asks what's with it and Miyabi says that's her Slowpoke. Supposedly it needs to become a Slowbro here, traditions and all. Something caught the Slowpoke's tail, it was a Goldeen, not quite the catch. After another while, the Slowpoke managed to catch a Magickarp, Lanturn, and a few others, even a Gyarados! Soon every started to fish, but it wasn't before long that the Slowpoke finally caught a Shellder. Everyone looked and it wasn't before long the Slowpoke evolved into a Slowbro. Miyabi seems satisfied that her Slowpoke managed to evolve finally.

    It was only a short moment later that a rumble came. Just at the horizon came a runaway gold statue! Team Rocket fixed the statue to bikes and are carrying it away that way. Except just a minor problem, they're headed straight for them! Miyabi steps up and knows that she can handle this easily. She tells her Slowbro to stop them with a Confusion attack. This does, and it lifts up the statue over the lake. The statue was soon shaken and Team Rocket was shaken out. Then the statue was hurled back to the temple, where it landed perfectly on its original spot. So much for that attempt...

    Ash says that he had enough training for now, after all he's got a league to get on to. The gang says their goodbyes and heads off towards Blackthorn City. However... Team Rocket was *forced* to stay at the temple. They see Delibird out there and want him to help the group, but they get slapped... a lot. Just behind them, a lot of the temple assistants and Miyabi. Looks like they're gonna be stuck here for a long time...moreless

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