Season 2 Episode 31

Enter The Dragonite

Aired Saturday 8:30 AM Sep 23, 2000 on Cartoon Network
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Enter The Dragonite
When the smoke clears, both Lapras and Gengar are unable to battle. With three of Drake's pokémon unable to battle, it is time for a field switch. After the brief intermission the battle resumes. With three pokémon left to defeat, Ash is in for one of the toughest battles yet, and waiting in the wings is Drake's powerful Dragonite, which has never lost a battle.moreless

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  • Introduction of Drake's Dragonite

    "Enter The Dragonite"

    Grade: A*

    Now this episode was a really good one, in which follows the 2nd half of the Orange League champion battle between Ash and Drake. Ash has managed to knock out 3 of Drake's Pokemon already, but when he reaches his final one, being the almighty Dragonite, the one where every trainer struggles to beat, will Ash break his winning streak and defeat him?

    This battle was epic, especially the 2nd half, of Drake bringing out his Dragonite and managing to knock out 3 of Ash's Pokemon in quick succession. My favourite was Charizard vs Dragonite, but the funniest was Ash's Pikachu defeating Dragonite once and for all, holding onto him and dragging his face into the sand. Team Rocket in this one were quite funny too, when James was annoyed that he didn't get his nachos after being blasted off by Dragonite. Overall, this episode featured quite possibly the most epic trainer battle between Ash and a Champion, and I believe this is the only time he's actually won, yet he's still not a Pokemon Master!moreless
  • One of the best episode.

    This episode is one of the best episode in the Pokemon League. Wow! Ash won. Ash really did it. He really defeat Drake. The last battle was the total point of the episode. It was amazing. Ash and Pikachu battle very hard but Drake and Dragonite battled hard too. It was a very tough battle. It was like one of the best battle in the season. Ash and Pikachu won but by a hair. Then they award him with a trophy. Ash was very proud of himself and his Pokemon- Buabasaur, Taurus, Squitle, Charizard, Pikachu, and Lapras. Well overall, it was a great episode.moreless
  • Ash is the greattest when it come to pokemon he is my favorit i like his mood and the crazy things he does. he is just perfect as the main character and their relation with pikachu its so sweet i fell like craing sometime in different episodes.moreless

    Wow that was a cool spisode the way ash lost was a good i dea to make it that way, i maked sence that this time he lost at the league but i stil think he should have won he've been training so long and have been trough a lot and all that to come at loose at the finishing line. but stil it was a good fight and the dragonites were great really strong to he use up all hes pokemon and at last when the dragonite is tired he strikes with pikacku now thats entertiment, with static pikachu maked it over.moreless
  • The continuation from the first one.

    This episode marks the last part of the Orange League. Here, Ash battles a Venusaur here and beats it. Then came up an Electabuzz and defeated it. Now the last Pokemon, Dragonite became the tough Pokemon to beat as when it was very weak, Pikachu only one here launches Thunder Attack on it and Ash wins the Orange League.
  • Second part of the Great battle....I think this is the best pokemon battle all of the battless in the show...

    Ash got his best and classic pokemon team...Snorlax isnt in team..but Tauros does its job well...Ash wins 3 rounds but lapras faints...after that Electabuzz and Ash's Bulbasaur battless.Bulbasaur gots great advantage cause it is grass type pokemon.But Ash makes his first mistake in this battle And Electabuzz uses thunderpunch...Bulbasaur faints.Ash gets angry and decides to show his true power...he choses his Charizard.Charizard is also flying type that means electabuzz gots advantage.Electabuzz use his power but Charizard takes care off it.Champ. uses his last and powerful pokemon Dragonite.Everyone worries about that cause Dragonite is very a powerful pokemon.Also this dragonite gots a lot of experinces.Ash uses his Charizard.Charizard battles well but that isnt eneough for Dragonite.Charizard faints...Ash uses his Tauros.Tauros gives everything but it faints.next squirtle versus Dragonite.Dragonite easyly knocks out squirtle.Ash got only one pokemon...it is pikachu...pikachu is tired and very very weak aganist to Dragonite.Dragonite uses Hyper Beam!...but Pikachu cleverly uses its tail and dodges Powerful Hyper Beam attack.Pikachu gives Thunder to Dragonite.Dragonite tries to continue...but it faints at last!...Ash is the winner of Orange League...The episode also got Great Ending...moreless

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