Season 12 Episode 27

Evolving Strategies!

Aired Saturday 8:30 AM Nov 14, 2009 on Cartoon Network
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The full battle between Ash and Paul continues, with one Pokémon down for the count on each side. Ash sends Pikachu into the fray, and Paul surprises everyone by sending out Magmortar, revealing Magmar's evolution. Pikachu gets in the first hit, but Magmortar's Flame Body causes it to suffer burns. After a while, Ash calls Pikachu back and sends out Buizel, while Paul recalls Magmortar and sends out Ursaring. Unfortunately, Paul's Ursaring is able to knock out both Buizel and Staraptor, while Torterra and Ursaring knock out Gliscor and Pikachu respectively. With only Chimchar left and Weavile being the only one down on Paul's side, things aren't looking good for Ash. Will Chimchar be able to defeat the remaining Pokémon belonging to its former trainer?moreless

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  • It's the Ash vs. Paul full battle conclusion, with the evolution of a certain Chimp Pokemon to top it off!

    With Ash sending Pikachu into the fray, and Paul bringing out his recently evolved Magmortar, part two of the rivals' full battle continues. Pikachu gets in the first hit with Quick Attack, but thanks to Magmortar's Flame Body, it gets burned as a result. That doesn't stop it from putting up a good (and explosive) fight, however, as the two totally battle it out. Ash eventually calls Pikachu back, and sends out Buizel for its time to shine. Unfortunately, it doesn't exactly get it, as Paul calls back Magmortar and sends out Ursaring, which is able to defeat Buizel despite it fighting hard. Things really start to go downhill from there, as Paul is able to take out Staraptor, Gliscor and Pikachu without losing a single Pokemon from his side. Despite five of his Pokemon down for the count, however, Ash isn't about to give up, as he sends out Chimchar for it's chance to truly show Paul what its made of...

    ...and Chimchar does just that, as it knocks out Ursaring by sending it flying with a Flame Wheel. Proud of the Chimp Pokemon, Ash gives it some words of encouragement, which are enough to make Chimchar glow... literally...

    Along with part one of the epic battle, this was one of the best episodes in the season so far IMO. Not only was the battling action awesome, Chimchar finally evolved into Monferno, really showing its fighting spirit. Even though it's a disappointment that Ash lost, I still think that the battle was one of the best that I've seen in the whole series. Besides, Ash losing here keeps the thought of him beating Paul in the Sinnoh League all the more exciting.moreless
  • Amazing... FINALLY Chimchar evolves

    This is an anticipated episode because FINALLY Chimchar evolves into a Monfreno, during Ash's and Paul's battle... I saw in a video somewhere that Ash's Chimchar evolves while battling Ursaring and Finally evolves into a Monferno. Personally, this evolution came about too late and I think the producers screwed that part up. He should have evoved into Monferno when facing Fantina (Ghost-type Gym Leader) or even during Byron's battle (Steel-type Gym Leader), then evolve into Infernape during Paul's battle. We also see a new debut for Paul as he reveals his new Magmortar, which seems to be very Powerful. In this episode we see Paul's full belt (Torterra, Honchkrow, Ursaring, Electabuz - which i think will evolve to an electivire, Magmortar and Weavile)...

    I've only seen the preview but i think Despite Chimchar's evolution, Ash still looses... I Think !!moreless
  • Ash & Paul continue their Full Battle!!!

    We left off with Pikachu about to fight Magmortar. Pikachu his Magmortar with Quick Attack but Magmortar's Flame Body burns Pikachu! They seem to be evenly matched but Pikachu's burn is really taking its toll on it. Ash recalls Pikachu and sends in Buizel. Not too long passes and Paul switches to Ursaring which defeats Buizel and Staraptor before being recalled. Chimchar fights Electabuzz briefly. Paul recalls Electabuzz after using Light Screen and substitutes in Torterra. Chimchar takes damage from Stone Edge and is unable to attack from afar, to due Light Screen. Gliscor fights now but a Frenzy Plant takes out Gliscor. Pikachu is called back out but Paul goees with Ursaring. Pikachu takes a hit from Ursaring's Hammer Arm but it gets paralyzed by Static. Pikachu Iron Tails Ursaring. But Ursaring's Guts ability activates, giving it the power it needs, defeating Pikachu. Chimchar takes down Ursaring, evolving in the process. Monferno takes on Electabuzz using its newly learned Mach Punch. Both seem to be fighting with all their might but after a Thunderpunch VS Mach Punch attack, Electabuzz emerges the victor and Paul wins the match. Paul leaves with Ash thanking Monferno for doing its best. This is definitely one of the best battles I have seen, and probably one of the best Full Battles. A must see episode for fans!moreless
  • Amazing battle and loss of twists and turns!

    This wa s certainly a very interesting battle to watch, as a full six-on-six showdown between Ash and Paul continues on the Acuity Lakefront. The battling was really great, and it was definitely very hard to predict.

    I'd have to say that Ursaring was definitely the strongest Pokemon that Paul used, and it was immesnely powerful, knocking out a coupel of Ash's Pokemon. On Ash's team, Funfortunately, he was dominated, but Gliscor and Chimchar stood out!

    Chimchar's evolution was great, and Monferno looks great! I hope it doesn't eveolve further to an Infernape, as I don't like Infernape's appearance.

    I definitely enjoyed this battle, and this is an episode that I highly recommend! Keep it up, guys, and I can't wait for the next one!moreless
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Sean Schemmel


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