Season 9 Episode 1

Fear Factor Phony

Aired Saturday 8:30 AM Sep 08, 2006 on Cartoon Network
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Fear Factor Phony
On their way to the Battle Arena, Ash and friends arrive in a Ghost Town where there are a group of Ghost Pokémon scaring anyone who comes by. After being scared, they find a group of Psychic Pokémon, who after being abandoned, have been playing loud music all day and night. While Ash and friends try to cheer up the Psychic Pokémon, Team Rocket team-up with the Ghost Pokémon and try to stop the Psychic Pokémon for good!moreless

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  • So much could have been done.

    This episode was not one of my favorites. I thought it was kind of boring as the plot wasn't that good. An episode about cheering up sad Pokémon? How Boring. It sucked that we didn't get to see a battle between the Psychic and Ghost Pokémon but no. I know that every episode can't be action filled but come on, this episode had barely any, and the action it did have was boring. I expect a "ghost town" type of episode to at least somewhat entertaining, but this episode lacked that and came up short of the entertainment department. Overall, this episode was kind of boring but has a couple of good things happening.moreless
  • Wait this is the series opening? Nothing happened!

    Coming into this I wasn't expecting much. I have already said in my other reviews of "Pasta La Vista" and the ninth movie I don't like the new voice actors. Sadly, this is not what brings this episode down. The new theme song in my opinion isn't good, but hey it's fast. The ending theme song is worse. (Seriously did they not learn Pokémon and rap just don't mix.) The only part I liked was when Wobbuffet saves the day. The story should have been so much better, but instead we get a filler episode done a hundred times before. The parts where Ash and the rest get frightened are not funny. Also, why doesn't Abra get woken up at the end when all the pokémon are dancing and playing music by it when they are all inside the bubble? Overall this was not a good episode.moreless
  • This is exactly why I am still watching the series! I mean, Ash and company arrives at some abandoned town and encounters some ghost and psychic Pokemon who don't exactly get along.moreless

    This episode is the first to begin on the new season without 4Kids Entertainment and the original voice actors. I am disappointed, but I am glad that the original narrator Phillip Bartlett makes his return as well as the continuing adventures of Ash and his friends. I am a long-surviving fan of the Pokemon series, and I don't think I am willing to put it to a stop anytime soon.
  • There are new voices, but they could've been better.

    I like the Original Pokemon voice cast, But these new voices could've been better. Anyways, this begins the Newest story arc, Battle Frontier. Ash's voice sounds Really weird and sounds like a Weird, 10 year old girl who's on Drugs. I like the New voice cast a little, But I wish they Brought back the Original voice cast back. But hey, give the new Voices a chance.
  • Ash and company wander into an old mining town, where ghost and psychic pokemon reside. Unfortunately, the psychic pokemon are very loud and always partying, which annoys the ghost pokemon. Ash and friends, as well as Wobbuffet, help out the situation.moreless

    This was an odd choice for the season opener, as nothing major happened in the episode. However, I would like to note that the voice acting was markedly improved from the \\\"Mirage Pokemon\\\" special. It was nice to see the original narrator from the series (who left during the early Hoenn episodes) is back in his original role. As for the episode itself, it was nice seeing Wobbuffet having a larger role, as he has been in the background for quite some time. On a negative note, I thought that there was a lot of under-development with the Abra in the story. Not much seemed resolved with his specific problem. How in the world did they accomplish that at the end anyway? It almost seemed like, \\\"Ok, our 22 minutes are up, we have to end the episode,\\\" because it was a very strange and poorly explained ending. Overall, not the worst episode, but barely average.moreless

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